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MD Bday Black and White Tournament Signups


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Signups end at 23:59:59 ST on day 108.


Rules for the fights:


  • No colored creatures!
  • No tokens!
  • No influence and combo!
  • No drachorns of any kind! (didn't want to kick them out but seems it is needed for the contest to stay balanced)


There will be up to three brackets, there must be a minimum of four players in each bracket for that bracket to have a reward:

  • MP3 Bracket
  • MP4 Bracket
  • MP5 Bracket 

Brackets will be double elimination best of 3.

  • Each pair will have three fights, they will roll an INGAME dice and one will guess even/odd, the winner of the diceroll will decide who will attack and who will defend in the first fight. For the second (and if applicable, third) fights the loser of the previous fight will decide who will attack and who will defend.
  • Once a player gets their first loss they will be put into the losers bracket for their respective mindpower
  • When a player in their respective mindpower's losers bracket loses for a second time they will be eliminated from the tournament

Depending on the size of the brackets each pair will have a certain deadline by which they must fight. If the fight does not occur because one player refuses to fight or is not around to fight he or she will forfeit the match. If both fighters refuse to fight or are not around to fight they will both forfeit from the entire tournament.



  • Let's hope somebody can sponsor this :D


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i will sponsor:


2 pickles for the winner of the MP3 bracket

1 pickle + silvertongue stone, for the winner of the MP4 bracket

1 pickle + toadspeak stone, for the winner of the MP5 bracket



I will not permit you to reward a silvertongue stone for a contest I run due to personal hatred of that spell.

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Signups are closed, I will now create the brackets.


The four mp4 participants:

  1. powle
  2. TheRichMerchant
  3. Tipu
  4. Ars Alchemy

The four mp5 participants:

  1. dst
  2. lashtal
  3. darkraptor
  4. *Sunfire*


To place the participants in the brackets I will roll 1d4 for each of the slots and the participant with that number in the list will be put in that spot, if that participant is already in a slot I will reroll until an unassigned participant is chosen. After three have been placed in each bracket I will put the remaining player in the last slot of the bracket.

Brackets are done.


MP5 Bracket:





MP4 Bracket:






Participants must complete ALL battles before MD comes to an end.


Edit: fixed bad bbcode

Edited by Rophs
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