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Requesting a meeting with leaders from each land


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I'd like to meet with leaders from every land to discuss matters related to Seedwalks. It is no lie that MD will often have wars where there are prisoners taken and citizens killed, and during a Seedwalk myself and others would be very vulnerable to attack while peacefully walking across the realm visiting Awi's seeds.


I'd like to discuss sanctions for Seedwalks so that player traveling to a Seedwalk and players participating in a Seedwalk shall not be attacked part of as an act of war.


(This was posted in Public Council because I felt it belonged here more then in General, if mods disagree they may move it.)


edit: made language more comprehensible

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You're just poking the sleeping bear. You want sanctions BEFORE anything happened?  Well, I just got myself a new goal: attend your seedwalks (even if they are quite late during the night for me) and just mess with you (killing included).

Santions BEFORE anything happened with the goal of preventing such things from happening, sort of like a vaccine.


I'm honored to know that I am a worthy target for your kill tool.

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