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Whirling ideas.


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These are some ideas I have collected over several weeks. Some can be good, some can be awful. If you think one in particulair is good and plan on to discuss it. Please open a new topic about it. Most of my plans are based on increasing the amount of travel in MD and adding gameplay elements.
1. Waiting in certain scenes gives you bonusses, like: Faster generation or an increasement in your max VIT, AP, VP etc... These scenes should be memorable scenes like: temples, buildings and special looking scenes. These effects can be acquired while you are offline. So that there is a reason to travel to certain scenes, while you are going to log off of MD.
2. Extra vitality generation in the capital of your land or a faster timer. This could be based on the skill: Briskness.
3. When you are dead you can lay still and do the same thing as it is now. In this mode you can still be moved by teleporting spells. You can also choose to move around in a sort of nightmode. Other players aren't seeing you nor can you see other players. Your task is to collect souls. After you collect a soul it takes you an hour to collect an other. A soul gives you a point. If there are more players in a scene you get a lesser amount of point. If there isn't a player you get no points. You can revive yourself, when you reach a certain amount of points. Those "soul points" could also be used for other things. So you want to get dead to harvest them. Maybe those aren't soul point, but it is a special kind of resource?
4. MD gets special placed portals. You need to sacrifice violition and some heat to enter a special kind of mode. This mode looks like nightmode. You can't see other nor talk with them and vice versa. But when you walk through scenes you don't have to deal with viscocity or it takes less AP based on Briskness. You can transform back at an other portal, this has an AP cost of 100 AP. I used 100 AP, so that beginning players don't get stuck in this mode.
5. You will be able to sacrifice the resources that you have harvested. This could happen at the altars that are used for creature sacrificing. When you sacrifice resources you can get the same rewards as for sacrificing creatures but in lesser amounts. Certain altars give percentages bonusses to certain skills you get.
6. This could be a spell, because you perform a ritual or spell. The spell uses heat and AP. The spell doubles the amount of resources that the scene gets when resources are respawned. This spell could be stackable. Alternatively you can always drop off AP, and when there is a certain amount of AP dropped in a scene the resources double quadrupple etc... when the resources get respawned at the end of the day.
7. Activating a certain object with multiple players. Every player for example two have to be in a different scene to activate an object in an other or a scene in which one of the players is. For example a scene that will unlock temporarely or a portal that will be openend.
8. Give alliance leaders more powers based on the oneness of the housing. Powers that could be given are setting up a temporary jump portal for the alliance members, bonusses to certain skills and teleporting to the alliance leader while he is offline. These powers can be used a few time. The powers reset every week.
9. A big sacrificing totem in every land, preferebly deep inside the land. You can sacrifice violition at the totem to decrease the viscocity in the land. The violition would act like heat it slowly decreases the viscocity in a land, but the violition that's put into the totem also decreases overtime. So we kind of have a fireplace for every land.
10. Every land can claim scenes from NML. This gives bonusses to the members of that land. The bonus you get from it would be a shorter timer for every member. NML could fight other lands back, NML citizens are twice as affective as an other land. You can claim a certain scene by having it connected it to a scene that is from your land. Then you have to defend it for two days, NML citizens need to defend it for 1 day. You need to use an item, which you can get at your capital, and use it. You can only use it when there is a minimum of 5 members in that scene. You claim that scene when there remain 5 members of your land for 2 days. Offline members will be shown while the claiming system is active. NML needs to get a distribution point in which they can get a tool to claim their land back.
11. Watch out a Drachorn has landed on one of the scenes and makes it unable to move through it. This Drachorn can only be defeated through teamwork. He needs to be weakenend, after that you can defeat him. Weakening can be done by attacking him and winning. Every MP level has it's own defend ritual to make it more fair. Throwing some sort of resources at him weakens it. Like a fire Drachorn would be weakenend by water. You can destroy him, when you have weakenend him enough. To destroy him you must use a special kind of tool, which can be made from various resources. << not sure which resources and how to make the tool. Every person that helped to defeat him gets a reward like: max vit, vp, skills and maybe a special type of resource. The more you have done the more you get.
12. A tree has been grown magically in a scene. You can collect resources from it and when it is depleted the tree is gone. If the resources respawn and the tree isn't depleted, then it's resources gets doubled like normal. A player can plant a tree and let it grow, instead of having it magically appear. The tree needs water everyday to survive, else it would die.
13. Having secret scenes open every month. Some secret scenes will be openend 1 day a month. Players who don't have acces to those scenes want to travel to them. This will lead to more traveling.
14. Finding things while traveling. It already depends on Luck if we find VP, this could also be used to get some extra vit and AP. The more visc the higher the succes rates are that you find some. Maybe some other things like skills? I don't think that resources will be a good idea, since they are harvested with tools and then the tools become useless.
15. Not only able to see which skills you gained on a given day, but you can also see how many Max AP, Vit, VP and MP you gained on a given day.
16. You are able to meditate just like in the tutorial. When you meditate you restore VIT, VP and AP twice as fast. Though you are unable to do anything in the meditating mode. Before you meditate you can choose for how long you are going to meditate.
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No. 1 The bonus could be obtained just once per location for all locations. The amount of stat should depends on place's importance.

No. 2 Good idea.

No. 3 I have different idea. What about creating some special locations only for dead people? It could be a second, spectral plane in MD. It is hard and time-consuming to prepare it that but it could be nice.

No. 4 I've never been in nightmode so I can't give my opinion about that.

No. 5 Sacrificing resources? Well, I don't buy it.

No. 6 It could be abused in some situations.

No. 7 I agree, but it could be hard because of communication between players.

No. 8 I don't know very much about leader's power so I also dont' know if it is a good idea.

No. 9 More active players in land = lower viscosity, less active players = higher viscosity. The conclusion is: unfairness.

No. 10 I don't like idea of claiming scenes. It's also too complicated.

No. 11 Same as above: too complicated. And pointless in my opinion.

No 12 There is already similar idea about orange tree implemented by Mur if I'm right.

No. 13 They are secret, aren't they? It means there is a reason for that, and they shouldn't be available for any casual traveler.

No. 14 Yes. This is very good idea. Maybe be some kind of itemes or their parts or maps or papers or many other things, but not resources or skills.

No. 15 I'm not sure we need such information.

No. 16 I like this very much. It could also depends on Principle of Balance.
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I think some of these ideas have potential if discussed and built upon. And even if these never see the light of day then it at least it will get people involved in thinking of ways to add different quests or ideas to the game.


I like the idea of something happening during death mode/nightmode. Kind of like an addition to the astral plain. The astral plane was a really cool idea that just had to be worked through. I am not sure what had happened behind the scenes but I think that what problems had occured to have it cancled could be fixed in the Death mode.


By having Death mode built upon I think people would not be as upset about dieing. Have a quest or something that could be completed in Death mode to have the person be reborn. Similar to the storyline when first joining MD. Where maybe at certain point in the story line your ghost self is transported to a different room for a period of time until you move on in the next stage of the death mode story line. Also depending on your citizenship, certain alliance members could play a role in the story line. Like at the locations that your ghost self is teleported then the alliance member acts as a spiritual guide. Like if you are a citizen of tribunal the Caretakers help you with preparations for the next stage... like if you need certain items to proceed in the Deathmode story line.


For example:The storyline stage 4 in Deathmode. You are surrounded by darkness and before you there is a lantern. To proceed. You have to throw one of these items into the flame.

If you do not have any items please wait until your spiritual guide arrives.

  • throw herb into flame
  • throw water on to the flame
  • throw fenths on to flame
  • throw candy on to flame

And you have to have at least on of those items in your inventory to click on that link. And once you click on the link that item is consumed in your inventory.


But also during the deathmode if people want to try to come to rescue you they could go on a journey through the Deathmode and are able to meet up with each other at certain locations. But by people trying to help you would all have to be present to move forward and the items required would cost more. This would be a good rp moment and with more people that come to the rescue the storyline speed could be increased. For with each storyline stage you have to wait a certain amount of time before continuing on.


Upon exiting deathmode and finishing that storyline you get a medal on your avatar (similar to how the BH you got a medal for what place you were in).The ones who helped in the rescue also get a rescue medal. The one who died can get a particular soul gem. This gem would represent the choices they made through the storyline and might be able to have some sort of ability.


The soul gem's would not be tradeable for it is soul linked to that one person.


The down side of dieing would be that you would not be able to be apart of current events of MD. So if you are a leader and you are killed then your land would be open to rebellion or invasion. Or if you are the item holder for your land by dieing you would not be able to transfer items to those who need it of your land. And if your friends of that land come to rescue you then they will be absent from current events in MD for however long it takes you to get through deathmode.


Just an idea building off your idea of a deathmode.

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