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Another topic about depletion.


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If you really care about depletion so much form a coalition of players against depletion. If someone depletes then the members of CPAD will agree to avoid trading with the depleter.  That type of thing is one way to punish people in MD for doing something you don't like. This is not me forming CPAD, this is me making another topic about depletion that I expect to turn into a flamewar on the first page... Have a nice thread!

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This wouldn't really help, since some lands share their resources/ items. So do you want that group to forbid trading with a whole land, if one of them misbehaves? Also what about depletion in a land that doesn't care about depletion? I think that a land should take care of this, if it happenend in their land and they don't want it to happen.


And if such a depleter can't trade with that group, then that could become a problem for that group. For example one player hoards all the memory stones in magicduel. So that player should have a lot of them. Eventually less players will have memory stones, because of using them. And one of the only ways of getting more is to stop this player from hoarding or to trade with him. So resource depletion could also benefit a player if it is done over a long period of time.


I remember that there were some decent solutions in the other threads about this, but I don't recall them that good. Most of them were focused on changing MD for it via items to indentify them or stealing resources back? Those are also a bit hard to implement. What I would like to see were those ideas of getting more resources in a scene, if a giving event has happenend in MD. For example raining. Water resources will fill up, when it rains. Or the raincollector. I would like to see more of those dynamic resourc ideas.


Also what about removing 0.25 percent of resources and 0.5. Just add 0 resources to 1. This will fill up the scene a lot faster, so it has a better change of not getting immediately depleted.

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this is beautiful... i come back like a million years after i let resources to be able to get depleated ..and hear back then everybody crying how faulty the sytem is...


here i open the first topic on the subject that i find and i see people trying to discuss smart/clever solutions, not just cry about it...because..you know...just crying did not help in the past...and if mur is so stupid not to "fix" something (concept this time), we shall find our ways somehow.... thats the spirit :)


So those that didn't drawn in their own tears yet, are still trying to figure out a way...this is very good news for me.


Maybe now you see how such an isolated thing like resources, can make you learn about politics the sane way, in practice, not in theory.. politics was just an example because you mentioned embargos and other lands in this topic.

Other learned how important is to be well syncronized just to drain out entire areas and deplete them.

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When developers don't want to "fix what is/seems to be broken" then certain players will turn away while others will rejoice because they can exploit the broken system in fulness without being worried about developer going against their long term strategy.


Truth to be told, with this low population and activity there isn't much depletion around, it depends how much tools are available, how much time person have to harvest and how many people are trying to harvest it at the moment.


Basically herbs will be always depleted because tools are easily available to all and there is fair amount of them. Herbs are also quite valuable because you use it for cake and tea that's why there's big interest in them. Since they are already depleted it takes a single person around 3 hours a week to keep them at 0, land loyalty and big AP pool mean much. There is only one location with herbs that doesn't get depleted because it's far out of the way from the rest, sometimes they forget the other one too, if you are lucky.


Memory stones aren't depleted because in order to get the tool you need to pay Golemians a fee (usually amount of stones you can harvest in one day), this kind of fee, Golemus monopoly over tool makes few people gather it at any given time, which means you won't really have competition so you don't deplete against yourself! Also sand is useful, so you will need a friend to take advantage of this byproduct.


Water is another useful resource, due to not that easily available tools there will be usually few people gathering it, still there might be depletion wars from time to time.


Another resource that is actually used is branches, this one is fairly available to satisfy rare needs of population so it's not depleted and tool is also Loreroot tied.


Fenths! They solve all your problems if you have creats to sacrifice and if you can afford the fee to rent Reality Coagulator. The only thing which fenths can't replace are memory stones and water for bushies. Fenths don't generate periodically but rather are byproduct of sacrificing and they deteriorate completely on resource reset. They are obviously superior resource and more easily obtainable because you are always in civilization, you just need X amount of creature slots on regular basis and you can control the generation of fenths that you will gather yourself. Only problem is.... getting the tool.


Other resources just have no real use.

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