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non-MD spirit roles


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Two problems:

1) an old one - lots of inadequate avatars in the avatar shop.




2) new one, proactively being done:

Impromer tags.

People get too much official tags (and also, alternative tags inside brackets look really ugly). Create some sort of an admin page for listing up relevant people, leave the tags for something in-character.

For example, Eon's "Former Boss Heads Master" tag is a shame, considering Eon is one of the best fighters that maltreats (or used to) realm's population. Even if he was an active Boss Heads Master, I would refrain from putting up that particular tag.

I also dislike tags in the spirit of "Leader of X", or "2nd leader of X".



Kind of a mood breaker those two. Thoughts?

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Agreed. Avatars should be cleaned up, but I imagine that must be quite a task, considering there's 800 of them or so.

As for tags, I find it more difficult to say. I agree that the "extra" tags in brackets look ugly, but that's all I can say on that matter.

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Scanning through those avies might not be that difficult, problem would be to 'trust' someone's taste.

For example, I am willing to do the scan, but is my perception of those avys equivalent to "what it should be"?


We have the art team, though.

It isn't something that has to be done tomorrow, the point is just for the agreement to be made, so these cases can be solved step by step throughout a period of time. (and prevented from happening again) 

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  • Root Admin

There is no interface to deal with removing/cleaning/dealing with old avatars, this is the problem really.

The current interface might work (dst?) but the avatar team need training.
Note: Dst did a load of artwork approval before the art team were set up since she has an eye for art and I was too busy :)

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