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MD Titles - issue disclosing personal home address

Muratus del Mur

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Of course many of you will have a big issue disclosing their personal address and i fully understand and agree to that.


Thats why, i will try to offer you here some acceptable solutions :


credits issued with a blank/unsigned authority field are sent only by me. These titles i wish to send them in a way i will be sure that they reach the actual person i intend them for and not some other player. In this case I will be the only one to know your personal address. You can still use one of the methods described below, but if i feel something is suspicious and i might be sending the blank docs to someone else, i will not send them. The final owner of a title, most of you, can use any of the methods below.


A) open a PO box. Go to the post office and request a PO box, you will only have to give the number and office of the po box and not your name or address. This service is usually not free however. 


B) give the address of a relative , work colleague, or friend. If the title is alread signed and completed, it can be sent to anyone you wish and trust and you will not have to give out your actual address/name


C) Personal delivery in some countries. In some countries i might be able to arrange for personal delivery by other players in that area. This means i can send all docs in an area to one person and that person will meet you and give you the title in hand, not through post.


Of course if you don't have such a big issue disclosing your address to me and/or to the second authority that will sign the doc, its A LOT more simple to ship them directly to you.


If you are underaged and your parents might get mad about you giving your address to people they don't know, you should explain them what this is about and ask them for an alternative on how you could receive these papers.



If you think there are any other issues or situations i might have missed, write here and i will try to find a solution.


if for some reason you will totally disagree to find any way to receive the document as a "real paper", it will NOT be issued as a scan or in electronic format, in fact it will not be issued at all. These docs are meant to be RL collectibles , that means _totally no_ to any form of virtuality regarding them. You receive post from various sources, from bills to spam, so there is no possible reason other than lack of interest or disregard to the importance of these docs if you chose not to receive one. I hope everyone understands this point of view before explaining me their own issues with receiving mail.


Living on an island with nothing but internet connection is also not an excuse :P

Living on an other planet might be an excuse however, i will teleport the title docs for martians "soon"

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For what Chew said, you can normally find pieces of cardboard very cheap in an art supply store. They're the grey kind you find at the back of paper-blocks. a big 'sheet', that you can cut to the size you want shouldn't cost you more than 1/2 EUR (A2 or A1 size)

(This is, of course, if you don't mind cutting them to the right size - but then again, it doesn't have to be perfectly cut, a rough piece the size of an A4 should do the trick)

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