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Funny MD Quotes


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This thread is for any MD-related quotes that are funny. They might have context, they might be without context. But they better be funny...



11:28 PM - AmberRune: I'm just gonna go grab the stupid tomatoes and drag them in here. No need to make a science experiement just to see how I'd do on fear factor

11:19 PM - Metruption: drink like a shotglass or two of that before sleeping
11:19 PM - Metruption: and warm it up a bit too
11:19 PM - AmberRune: I like your measuring   :P


edit: Moments later this happened:

11:32 PM - Metruption: is it okay if I make a quotes thread in offtopic with two quotes form this convo?
11:33 PM - Metruption: the first one is the science experiment blablabla fear factor thing
11:33 PM - AmberRune: go for it, why not
11:34 PM - Metruption: done :D
11:35 PM - AmberRune: oh dear
11:35 PM - Metruption: :P
11:35 PM - Metruption: regret?
11:36 PM - AmberRune: not yet
11:36 PM - AmberRune: I see shutting up in my future
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Change: woo, finally catching up on md forum shtuffs
Change: no thanks to you, dst, and DD
Change: :P



Quoting skype conversations? Rude. :) For clarification, that's "no thanks to Rophs, dst, and DD" (I was skyping Rophs). It could be interpreted as no thanks to only dst and DD.

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I'm guessing some are from his YIM as well and maybe also from MD. I was just referring to him quoting me with "quoting skype conversations?".


While apparently AmberRune gave permission, I did not. I only let it slide because it was a harmless quote which I made in jest, given the authors of most of the new content posts. Also, I didn't mean that all of the new posts were bad (some were justified. I won't say which). I simply meant that it made more new content which I have to read as a mod. :P Not that I care much. This forum produces a teeny bit of content compared to more populated forums.


In my opinion, quoting MD game chats/forum posts is fine, but if you're going to quote from non-MD services, you need to ask permission Rophs.

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MaGoHi: you could use some professional help
: MaGoHi laughs
: Rophs shrugs
Rophs: I've always been a bit of a nut...
MaGoHi: that joke
Rophs: *grins* Acorny joke isn't it?
MaGoHi: xD
Rophs: *grins* Acorny joke isn't it?
MaGoHi: xD
MaGoHi: yeah
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removing playername links
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