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After writing http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15773-rebirth/, I was told by a few that the idea was interesting. Now, what was found to be interesting was not the idea itself, as people do not conceive being demoted to mp3, but rather the implicit idea that death takes something away from you. The reasoning is that something so important as death cannot be treated lightly and in case of a murder, there should be consequences.


Currently, the situation is like this http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14852-killing-and-revival/?hl=killing


Now, I read some ideas posted in this topic http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14718-where-is-the-punishment-for-murder/?hl=killing and, from what I understand, killing and reviving is not supposed to be a critical matter, as it is in RL (so no need to put more ”reality” into it).

The problem lies in that, even if its about a virtual death, we (human beings) see it as a very serious matter. This is only one side of the coin, though. While this might be the reason for some,for others, its the fact that death as we have it now is not fun. It is...simply boring and needs aditional layers (the whole thing about death, killing and revival).


At this point, the question is ”Do we want the concept of death to have deeper implications than it currently has?” I think the balance bows to yes rather than no (at least, at the moment).


And I think the topic created by Nimrodel, although it talks about ”punishment”, can be easily turned into - by someone who is not upset by the whole thing - ”consequences”.


Now, I have some ideas as to what those concequences might be for the killer( for the victim, they are in the ”rebirth” topic), but I dont want to go ahead and tell them, because I might have got the whole thing wrong and people dont want killing in MD or they want it just as it is now. 


So, ”Do we want the concept of death to have deeper implications than it currently has in MD?”

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No, the dead already have very little to do. If somebody doesn't have anything to really do while dead then why should they continue playing? Although making dead people seem "more dead" seems fun we must remember that it's still important for them to have a meaningful way to spend their time logged into MD. We could make death have more implications, but it should still allow the dead to have fun and actually play the game.

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Why do I have the feeling no one really reads my posts? Methinks I should write 2-3 lines because I confuse you all ...


For the victim, my idea is in the rebirth topic. For the killer, I had some ideas that would enhance the role-play. I pretty much thought that without spelling those ideas, the topic would be misunderstood. Oh, well :rolleyes:

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