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Free credit doesnt give me VP


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I been trying to get a total of 2500 VP from using the free credit page to upgrade a monster, but recently, it has only been giving me Vital points so im stuck at 2255 VP. I watch the timer and it doesnt reset so i know it hasnt been resetting my VP. The only reason that i can think of why its doing this is because im at max EXP for my MP lvl.

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It works for me and i have upgraded a creature using that on Evoker MorganJade

who by the way needs only 7 days at mp4 to be a really hard to handle cookie lol

2 dark archer 3's coming up yayayyayay and 2 more taking just 9 days so in 9 days expect me to be the baddest mp4 around not lol

but back on topic just try to do this it works for others i have told

wht you can do is this click to go idle and then resume play it updates everything such as time and the lot it should show you that you ahve more vp points then

if it doesnt then you have a problem

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It isn't working for me either which sucks since I didn't notice it until after I sacrifised a monster in order to get up to the amount I needed with the free credit VP.

Has there been any development in this problem?

And it isn't that the statusbar hasn't been updated since I get the VE that i should.

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try this once you click and vote and make sure you vote cause the whole point of those 19 links is that you use them to further advertise our great game Magic Duel

click the go idle button and then resume play

if that doesnt work as it does sometimes for me when they dont update and i know it should send me a message i will look further into why thank you

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