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Sound adventure!

Muratus del Mur

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Its something i love to do occasionally when i can't sleep...i like to listen to mixed sounds and imagine i am there in the middle of a story. 

I thought to mix my own sounds, added up with some binaural brainwave sounds to set certain mood...and this is what came out...


41minutes of a sound adventure


I thought to share it with you, to get some feedback. I intend to make a website with such sound stories (but currently i don't have the time)



So..in other words, the attached mp3 is a _sound_only_ sort of story, it tells a story without images, a story that you can build in your head as you listen to it...this ofc if you don't fall asleep :p


It has well detailed surroundings, and you are the main character that travels through a dungeon to find his way out, but on the way he discovers some things.


This mp3 is final, but i plan to do much more detailed stories. For now I use sounds i gather from the net...i can only dream to record my own sounds one day...


Its great meditation sound, with a twist. 

Careful ..its not meant for relaxing....it can cause fear and uncontrolled dreams, if you fall asleep ..







ps. i wish i could listen to such "sound stories" without knowing what to expect ...so if anyone can do such mixes, and make an actual story out of sounds...i might consider it a contest :D, let me know if you can


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I'm still in the middle of the journey but... Well done so far!!

It's very nice to hear you dealing with sound-scapes  :)


I have semi-professional audio equipment and spent some time myself recording unusual material.

Internet has many samples you can DL for free, but should you need anything particular recorded just let me know. 

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  • Root Admin

Lets say i use any means necessary to achieve the target..and thats an immersive story that the sound just guides and your brain writes. This is more of a sketch...i intend to perfect this ..thing.

a book lets your imagination run free..you read the words and your mind give those words images..sounds..etc. But this..this has no words. This sort of story gives freedom also to the words..to the story itself...this means that such a stoey will be personal to each one listening to it.

this is dangerous...but beautiful. The hypnotic part is balanced..the words spoken are contradictory with the ambient..some will see it as relaxing some will see it as sinister..in any case it will give enough freedom to your mind to compose your own story

consider it a guided dream. I believe that if well done..such a thing could be amazing.
the binaural sounds embeded into this can't be heard on normal speakers..they are infrasounds. Your ears can't hear infrasounds..thats why each ear will be feeded a frequency and the interference of each sound left and right will be "computed" by the brain, that will actually hear the low frequency sound. Normal speakers have no way of doing that regardless how good they are.
So use headphones if you want top experience with this track.

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  • Root Admin

:) thank you

I am waiting for a microphone i borrowed someone and i will start recording my own sounds. The next sound adventure will be a lot more spiced , less hypnotic than this one...its hard to listen to it without falling asleep :))


I am glad you liked it!

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