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What are you grateful for?


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While I don't particularly care to do this kind of thing, I feel that maybe I should, to remind myself, and others, of what I am grateful for, and that I am grateful for who, and what I have in my life. Everything and one needs a bit of appreciation some times.


I thought about having a 30 Days of Gratuity thread, but I realize being a week in is a tad too far for November.




I am grateful for my friends- those of physical nature, and those I met online. I am especially grateful for my friends in MD, and it has taken me a while to come back "home". 


I am grateful for my puppy, who, every morning makes me smile and feel loved and wanted, who has helped me tremendously these past few months. Definitely the perfect comedic relief.


I am grateful for Tea, as without it, I likely would be on a less healthy eating habit than I have.


In general, I am grateful for my life. In every aspect and every moment  It really is wonderful.

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I am grateful for the possibilities I had and have ...

I am grateful that at some point in my life I woke up ...

I am grateful for the chance to go through this life experience from the position I was born in ...


I am grateful to be able to grow and evolve with awareness combined with lost of fun and inner peace ...

I am grateful that 90% of my time I can life like I want and be who I am


I am grateful for "my" life

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I am grateful that Chewett validated my forum account, so I can post here.

I am grateful that I have access to the internet.


On a more serious note:


I am grateful that I have loving parents who support me.

I am grateful that I was part of the best class in secondary school.

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I am grateful for Muratus del Mur his the creator of MD

I am grateful for he is the code guardian of MD helps the creator to make things possible and make decisions without knowing the creator;)

I am grateful the community and the people of MD without all of them my days Empty

I am grateful to my family, friends inside and ouside. thank you

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