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Upgrading Error


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Maybe more detail would help x_x

Did the creature page show the option to upgrade? Usually what happens is that after all the criteria is met (you can see what you need if anything in the creature description, which you can reach by clicking the creature's picture), there is a golden ring around the icon of the creature. You're supposed to click and then at the bottom right corner of the creature description page there should be a button that allows you to upgrade it.

Did you click that button? What happened after that? Or did you think that you could upgrade it just by clicking the picture or something?

Or if you saw the golden ring but didn't see the button after that, you could have lost the stats that is needed to upgrade it by the time you clicked the icon. Are you sure you didn't get in a fight and didn't notice that you lost value points? Stats don't refresh and update immediately; there is a circle-counter for that above the Live Help button that ends when the bar reaches 12 o'clock. Or maybe that lost vitality was enough to make you unable to upgrade it, since you do need a certain amount.

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I do know all that stuff about upgrading;)

I just didn't thought about that somebody could have attacked me while I was upgrading my creature. Now when you said that, I've checked my Battle Log and I was attacked then.

Thanks for explanation;)

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i use 2 grasan 2's and 3 dark archer 2's and 1 blood pact dark archer

archers are aobut to upgrade again in 7 days all will be lvl 3 and dark lvl 2 yay

but dark archer 3's should be able to weaken all def too and they have 2 times as much hp which is only bad against a life stealer ritual

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