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Permanent Sponsorship

Fang Archbane

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From this post forth, anyone that wins (qualifies? Up to the quest creators) a Quest made by Rophs or Dark Demon will get an aged Bird egg.

Multiple wins will net higher rewards, better creatures, coins, resources, all possible.

It is expected of both Rophs and Dark Demon to forum message me a list of winners when their quest ends, and next to each winner, the amount of times theyve won.

Happy questing, and Merry Murmas everybody !:3

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I do really appreciate this kindness, but only wish it extended to others and not just us two. We want to motivate every quest-maker out there, don't we? :)
So, until then, I am afraid I cannot accept this.

True enough indeed, if either you or Rophs send me names of other quest makers you consider sponsor worthy for one reason or another, ill add them to the Permanent Sponsorship list.

Id like to help the world, but im not the TKs, just one Lone Psycho Wolf.

Then again... a one man... er, Wolf TK would be funny as all wiiya x'3
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