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Problems with using IE

Assira the Black

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When using IE as StrongWilled Legna, I can not use items in the inventory list or change item tabs. Like going from the default to the consumables. I am able to use the item if it has a picture, by clicking the image. But for useable items that do not have a picture I would not be able to use.


I am able to click on the full details page to view the inventory that way but if I try to use the cake... in the trigger box it says I have to use it from the item list. I am able to use a resin collector from the full detail list.


Though now I have realized when I attempted to use the resin collector... I can not see the resources at the scenes. I did not notice this before since I normally do not collect resources as Legna.


[attachment=4469:IE bug... no resources.PNG]








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