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Inventory full details page doesn't indicate quantity

I am Bored

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@Syrian: The "full details page" does show the quantity.

Tea leaves (ID: 17446)
Quantity: 5275


What it is not shown there is "number of uses".

Also it only shows only one of the items thus for 10GC you'll see only one GC with no quantity.


One could say that not showing all the items of same kind is useful, just imagine one with 100 sc ... 100 similar items on the same page.

It could be done, but .. how useful is it ?

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I was referring specifically to items that there are multiple of, Gold Coins, and Silver Coins, being two of them. As it consolidates all of the same items into one display, I would expect it to at least say how many of the item it has consolidated; It is the full details page after all.

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