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Selling Independent Water Dowser

Sasha Lilias

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As per the title, I am selling an Independent water dowser.


For those that may not know what this is, it is a tool separate from those that are shared. It is not effected by the shared item "clawback" that happens every Tuesday, so it is yours permanantly.



  1. I am willing to trade for creatures:


Most sought after creatures(in descending order)











Aramors (any type)

Root Warrior





The more tokens a creature has the more value it has to me.[/spoiler]


    2. I am willing to trade for resources:


[spoiler]Timeless dust [/spoiler]


    3. I am willing to trade for spell stones:


[spoiler]Any (though the less common/more interesting the better.)[/spoiler]


    4. I am willing to sell for gold:


[spoiler]Min Bid: 15gc[/spoiler]


    5. I am willing to sell for credits:


[spoiler]Min Bid: $75[/spoiler]


  • This list is numbered in correspondence of what I value higher. Though, bids may consist of one or more payment type.
  • Bidding will last for 24 hours and then one hour from last bid.

Please remember that these items aren't easy to come by and so shouldn't be cheap!


Highest accepted bid:


Morph - Zleiphneir

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As it was pointed out to me:


Bids accepted means that they are valid for consideration. It does not mean that it is enough to make me sell it. 


It is very very unlikely I will sell for anything lower than the worth of 15gc. Which is why your highest bids should be backed up with a few of the smaller trade options.


Note : This is a one off chance. If it does not sell this time around then it won't be for sale again.

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