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Night Mode (placekeeper miniquest)

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Edited, following received feedback. More feedback welcome, my only request is that you criticise constructively so that I know what and how to correct.

Sunfire, DD, Intrigue please contact me, as you've already started this miniquest before I edited it and you may wish to choose a different path.


Until the systematic method to enter Night Mode is revealed, I will be letting players glimpse the Night manually, for one hour at a time.

As I want to give as many as possible a fair chance, I will offer multiple ways for this "favour" to be earned.


ALL those that wish to enter night mode must first ask so, and by asking I mean answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to see the Night?
  • What do you know about the Night?
  • What does the Night mean to you?

Note that I prefer these responses to be given in-game via the chat. I accept PMs or Forum messages. Also note that creative responses are vastly appreciated. Send me a drawing, write a story, a poem, be unusual. I will not turn away systematic responses, but sending something that piques my interest may put you at an advantage.

This is not meant to be eliminatory, however answers like "I want to see the night because reasons", obvious trolling or a general lack of interest and wanting to see it just because it's "cool" will not entitle you to proceed to the next task.


Choose a path. 


1. Contact me about being given a task - this method will provide you with a methodical, mechanical task. As stated in the post before editing, this involves observing the letters in a location for a given number of days. I will provide the location name, format in which the answer must be provided and duration of monitoring.


2. Contact me about RP / symbolism. This involves a personal chat in-game (no other means), following which I may decide if I will show you the Night based on this or not. You are still eligible to attempt the systematic path if I am not pleased with your RPing or general ideology/way of thinking. 


3. Contact me about Aeo's story. This may be either easy or difficult - if you gain insight into Aeo's story, either by following my sermons and events, attending them or reading the logs, by talking to people that are close to me, etc, and believe you can hold an entertaining and accurate conversation about it, do let me know.


4. Contact me about knowledge into Night Mode. If you have a particularly deep knowledge of Night Mode, especially lore (I would prefer "extra" knowledge, not what is generally available in the announcements) then again, let me know.


Note that completing this entitles you to 1 hour of Night Mode. If I am particularly impressed with your performance, I may be talked into granting a limited number of bonus entries.



Be creative, think outside the box and come talk to me.

Edited by Aeoshattr
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  • Root Admin

:blink: Isn't this actually just multiple visits to Fictionist's house and back to X scene?

This was pointed out in chat by me, Apparently this is a hard task, and valid to win the quest.

But, on a personal note, it does seem like night mode (Which is meant to be prestigious and very important) seems to be treated like some piece of fun to play with... Which I really dont like.
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How will you know that they are consecutive? And most of all how will you know they are correct?

I won't know. I'm trusting that people are honest with the task, which really is just asking you to sit in one place and write down a grand total of 10 letters which appear directly in front of their eyes, not even crypted or anything. If people can't even be honest and trustworthy about this, then I'd genuinely rather be ignorant about it - I'd rather be the fool and pretend everyone's being honest than knowing people can't even do this much work without cheating.




This was pointed out in chat by me, Apparently this is a hard task, and valid to win the quest.

But, on a personal note, it does seem like night mode (Which is meant to be prestigious and very important) seems to be treated like some piece of fun to play with... Which I really dont like.

Yes, perhaps my Night Mode spree last night was a bit excessive, which is why as of today I require a small, I even say token service to put players into NM. When the planned algorithm will be out, things will be different and more effort will be needed to enter NM.

I do offer my help with Night Mode to other questmakers, should they require it at some point in their quest. 


In other words, yes, last night was fun, but I will not be putting anyone who asks into NM as of today.

With regards to the Fictionist's house, you can use it if you want.  Do note I may assign locations preferentially based on the player's native land - Eastians might get locations more remote than others, to "cancel out" their "advantage" of being able to move through to the Fictionist's house easily.



Also, do keep in mind I labelled this a "miniquest". NM is meant to be available to everyone. The algorithm and the means of activating NM will be made public, so that everyone has the knowledge as to how to activate it. Whether they want to work for it or not, that will be a different question. But for the time being, I'd like to give as many people a chance as possible.

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i have bunch of research on the  scene letters over a few months that i collected with the help of a few people, what would stop me from drawing on this knowledge and having semi permanent access whenever i want it? 


Nothing. I'd say the purpose of the whole thing is to see that the person is interested and desires to experience Night Mode. It doesn't matter to me that much if they actually give me the letters, draw from previous research, run around, pay someone to do it or cheat. I want to see the person is interested enough to act,  more than just come to me and ask to be put into Night Mode.

In other words (though rather crudely and over-simplified), you could say I don't want the letters myself, rather I want proof that people put some sort of effort, into it. 


I'm also in the process of editing the main post at this moment.

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