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Sacrifice VE / VP / AP

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Maybe there should be an alter were you can sacrifice one of these to gain another.

here are a few examples

Sacrifice 1000 VE = 10 AP

Sacrifice 10 AP = 500 VE

Sacrifice 1000 VP = 500 VE 10 AP (can recycle the 10AP for more VE or vice verser)

Something along these lines.

There are plenty of ways to gain VP from combat / moving, and being able to sacrifice AP / VE for VP i dont belive should be allowed as it will make it possible to buy higher level items much easier.

Many times i have found myself with 0 VE, 0 AP, and 3000VP.

Being able to sacrifice VP for VE will help alot when trying to regenerate an army, or to get max VE befor a massive fight.

Maybe the amounts can be altered.

Hope this is a good idear.

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you havent given a way for VP to be gained there, if this was going to be implemented then you should be able to sacrifice any of them for any other, obviously at a penalty in the amounts given.

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This type of sacrificing should be a self ritual or something only able to be excuted in sancturys

(cant spell), This means you should technically be able to heal yourself faster after combat, or if you have a low amount of AP and need to get somewere in a hurry (example use gained VP from combat) you can get AP and run there fast, with the cost of VE.

This will also mean that stronger players who are going on a killing spree should be able to stay in combat to gain enougth VP, then being able to safricce some VE to gain AP to be able to move to a shop to spend the massive gained VP.

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ya this sounds like a fun idea but do you mean temp or permenant. Id love to trade in my value points for vitality or ap. I have 31k value and its almost always full but my ap and vit are always 0. Id gladly trade value in 2 for 1 or something. It would add more strategy to the game. For movement it would have to be higer thou because i find like 100 coins at a time so it couldnt be 2 for 1 either because then youd have infintite AP

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Right, I know this is an old topic, but who cares? :D

I like the idea of vp for ve and vice versa, this brings a lot of extra strategy in the later phases of the game. As in the negative xp farming becomes easier and rituals with 100% in them no longer have to fear elementals that much anymore. But they will have to fear conventional attacks.. etc etc.

@ Shadowice, what if you only put the option of being able to sac that at just 1 place? like the fenths press? Like a new tab? At a very costly price of course, wouldn't want every mp3 player running around with sun god armor.

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Hmm...... personally I don't think there is a need for trades between VE/VP/AP. I don't agree that it would add anything to 'strategy' either, because the right course of action is so obvious - trade what you don't immediately need for what you want. It would just make our lives easier, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

But if such a system is available, then the value that you should never be able to trade for is AP. AP is like time in MD, the most valuable and irreplaceable resource. Give players an avenue to 'buy' time and things can easily get out of whack.

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I know I'd buy VE, this would actually be a good Idea I think.

Perhaps AP should just stay out of it as Sacos says...with 30 per regen we get a lot now anyways. (lets hope we keep it :P

I do think the Ratio should be high (though I wonder if Heat could have an effect) like 3:1 or even 4:1 (VP:VE) and I'd even suggest AP as part of the Cost....

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At this moment I don't think trading ve for vp would be such a good idea.

Pro:Most of alliance members can easily gain ve.

Con:Most of alliance members have no use of vp since all most everyone has all the shop items.

Con: MP5s would regen quicker the vp lose from a fight (yes MB, I know you want this :D ) Why is this a con? Because there are ways in which even with that type of fight nobody loses vp.

Pro or Con?:Because of the secret feature MP3s would be able to roam free with expensive armors.

These are some of the pros and cons that crossed my mind. Maybe I will find more later.

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