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Day of Fortune

Sasha Lilias

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"Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance" - Virgil


 I shall be holding a "Day of Fortune" inside the Hall of the Sun Balcony, MDA.


There shall a few small "tests" to test your fortune.


What you are rewarded will depend on the above results.


Rewards will include:​


29 x Items


7 x Spell stones (Varying rarity)


47 Silver


7 x Creatures (Varying rarity)


2 x Top Spenders Tickets


And loads of extras!!!




There are losses as well. This could be a simple loss and not receive anything or a "punishment".


This shall be running for the entire Server Time Day.


Come say hello and have a wander around the MDA!


~Sasha Lilias, Ghost of Fortune



This shall be a yearly event.

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There wasn't a need for notice. 


You're fortunate or not. :)


On a more serious note: There was not meant to be intended notice. Hence why I posted right before starting it. I am aware this is not great for everyone, but again - this is off my own back and my own stock. I am sure there will be future events.

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Thank you to everyone that took part! You all provided me with answers that'll help me with what I have planned for the future!


Over 50 'fortunes' and 20 'misfortunes' were given out! Though some of you seemed to be less fortunate than others! :P


Hope you all had fun! :)

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