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MD 10th Anniversary - Tag War @day1

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(reserved for announcements regarding possible updates)

[log=.]Here we go again! We'll be running around once more, but this time there will be a few restrictions.

[log=.]For those of you who don't know how this works, every subscribed player will have to pass a unique item to any of his competitors. Tagging someone is rewarding. Being tagged and remaining that way brings penalties. Additional rewards and penalties will be detailed in the sections below.

The item which will be passed along: *Sasha*'s Engraved Ring - ID: 89651. At the end of the day, this item is to be returned to *Sasha Lilias*.

War duration
[log=.]Begins on the 14th of April, at 00:00 ST, and ends on the same day, at 23:00 ST.

Area of Effect
[log=.]Within the compounds of MDA - exterior, building, garden.

Sign-ups (read carefully)
[log=.]- minimum 6 players
- post your player name and ID on this thread
- find me in game so that I can give you a Pair of 20-sided Dice
- roll the pair of dice
- player who rolls the smallest (added) value will be considered tagged by default as soon as the war starts


- no more dice! First one to be tagged will be decide by Sasha - this person still starts off with negative score, to ensure he/she starts off at 0, like everyone else

- you can join in during the day as well, by signing up (here) between 13:30 and 15:30 ST - First War Break

- a minor penalty goes unto players who announce themselves then


Mechanics (read carefully)
[log=.]- run around the designated area and tag other competitors by passing the item to them
- take a print screen as proof as soon as you pass the item
- post the print screen on this thread
- make sure the screen shot contains the chat line showing you passed the item, along with the server time
- rinse and repeat

Restrictions (read carefully)
[log=.]- no alts allowed
- sponsors can't participate
- those of you involved in events which might cause you to leave MDA (willingly or not) shouldn't sign up
- if even one participant does not get tagged at least once, there will be no rewards

The following will get you disqualified:

- Passing the unique item to someone who hasn't signed.
- Getting killed or jailed.
- Leaving the designated area at anytime during the war.

The following will also deem you unable to participate in this competition in the future:

- Withdrawing from the war while in possession of the tag item.
- Signing up to keep the item and, in consequence, other player's scores at 0.

Repeated or serious cheating will result it a ban from the day's quests.

Scoring (read carefully)
[log=.]- first to be tagged starts off with 5 points
- getting tagged: +10 points
- for every minute the item spends in your inventory: +0.5 points
- every time you tag someone: -5 points
- causing a competitor to leave the designated area: +50 points
- being taken out of the designated area by an outside source: +25 points (sucks to have enemies)

- reporting any rule breaking: -25 points
--- see someone outside of the area of effect
(proof: screenshot containing name and location of outlaw and server time)
--- see someone being sent outside the area of effect
(proof: screenshot containing chat line and trigger box effect on ID and server time)
--- you are allowed outside help for this part; if you have friends on the outside, you may ask them for the screenshots, but their name and IDs must also be visible in the image they provide
--- the player being reported will be punished accordingly if the evidence is substantial

[log=.]1st place: 10th Anniversary Aramor + WishPoint (Sasha, if 10 or more participants)

2nd place: 9th Anniversary Aramor

3rd place: 6th Anniversary Aramor

[log=.]1. Rophs - ID: 247146

2. *Eagle Eye* - ID: 180715




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well since I did horrible at the last tag game you had I think I will sponsor this with 1 Imperial aramor  and rp items (i have decided to put forth more rp items. i will gather some more and give a complete list of my sponsorship) :D  :D :D  and ill probably will make some totems for it a well

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What if you pass to someone who is idle and s/he ends up holding the item unknowingly for 10+ hours?


Sad scenario. Transfers should preferably be done towards active participants. I could install penalties, though they would be near impossible to determine.

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