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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 10 - En Guard!

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Quest: En Guard!


Task: Build a wearable Aramour armor, including helm... out of cardboard.


  • Must be made of cardboard as a base.
  • Embellishment is encouraged (eg: tin foil for metal)
  • Should be as close to an Aramour armor as possible
  • Must be wearable
  • Can be modeled by yourself or by someone else.
  • You can colour it in, draw on it, add fabric, etc.
  • The closer it is to being a realistic copy of the armor your design is based on, the better


Judges: Z & Blackshade Rider


Judged on: Detail, colour/texture, similarity to actual Aramour armor, sharpness, fit


Rewards: All participants will receive a little something yet to be defined.


1st : WP or GG Drach (their choice)

2nd: WP or GG Drach (which ever is left)

3rd: 1g



Submissions: 3 photos from different angles of you or your model wearing the armor sent to myself and Blackshade Rider via forum PM.


Great reveal to be carried out on the final day (April 23rd) of MD Birthday at GoE at some time after 15:00st where winners will be announced.

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There's my submission,  its supposed to be an Aramor Assassin armor. Its made mostly from cereal boxes (cereal has yet to be consumed :)))Apologies for bad quality pics, had to take them with a webcam because I didn't have anyone to take a picture of me. I wish I had learned about this quest earlier, didn't have time to go out and get paints or anything.

For the record if I were an aramor I wouldnt be caught dead in this :">

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I'm awaiting confirmation on judging on this. By my tally, both participants score the same so Ive made my call based on the submissions.


However, as there are only 2 of you, if you agree who wants what prize between the WP and the GG, I'll simply send it as you choose. But if you are both after the same thing, then we need to wait for the 2nd op.



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On the basic points being judged, the two submissions score equal points in different areas.




Sir Blut

Detail - yes
colour/texture - texture, no colour
similarity to actual Aramour armor - iffy
sharpness - yes
fit - good


Detail - yes
colour/texture - both
similarity to actual Aramour armor - shoulder shaped, flaps
sharpness - no
fit - loose




Myself and Blackrider had differing opinions on the winner. I therefore asked a third who agreed with my own reasoning for the winner - Miq's is closer to an actual aramour and has added detail and originality.


1st: Miq

2nd: Sir Blut



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