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MD 10th Birthday Quest - Day 7 - Carve a Path

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For this quest you will need:

  • a candle stick/ a stick of chalk/ a wooden stick
  • a carving tool.

You must carve an MD icon (examples: an avatar, a scene icon, an alliance logo, a left navigation button etc)


Submissions can be made on this thread up until April 20th.


Judging by forum rep - ANY rep made counts. That means even a neg rep is a +1.


Rewards: for every entry, you will receive an inventory item replica of your design!


1st: Darkling

2nd: TAINTED Angien

3rd: 100 timeless dust & anniversary aramour

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Let's start this off simple, and tiny. Very tiny. What you see is the navigation icon carved in long-ago dried clay. To put the size into perspective, that is my thumb next to it, and I have small hands. I originally attempted to do a bit of highlighting of the back arrows, which worked well, but my attempt to highlight the foreground arrows didn't go quite so well.

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Right then magical MD people...after much deliberation and some last minute extra opinions the winners are:


1st- Lania

2nd- Dst

3rd - Miq


Myself and Shadowseeker reviewed all those scored 5. We both Agreed Miq was the 3rd place. Bored's is the cleanest, but also the simplest. Change's is clever, but messy. Amber clearly put a lot of effort in, as did Miq, for full 3D effects. However we feel that Miq's came out with slightly more detail on his star.


For the tied first place (which I have to thank Lania for letting me know how the rep system works and making my life harder ;) lol), I had to pull in extras. I was siding to Lania and Shadow to Dst. Aeo and Sasha both reviewed the carvings and both voted for Lania. This is mostly based on the depth and texture aspect. Had this been a figure contest or such, Dst would win it, but based on carving alone, Lania wins.


Congratulations - your items and rewards are coming shortly.



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