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Autographs items and contracts...!

Blackshade Rider

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So this is a new idea I think would be a good addition to MD.


Here is what I was thinking. I want to take a personal Autograph and make them into an item used as a contract. {example: player A and player B make a deal with one another to buy a creature or to do a favor. But player B doesn't have the time to do the favor or the money/items to trade for the value or just a simple promise of something. So player B gives Player A his autograph in a contract as a promise for payment or promise for favor.}


Here is how I think this could work.

Lets say a land leader makes a promise to another player for any reason. But the land leader does not have the time. So they come to an agreement And then the land leader gives that player his

Autograph as a promise it will be done at some point.

Basically use as a sub payment or a contract made and signed.


This is a new idea I just thought of today so please every one let me know what you think.

Im not fully sure how to make it go but im sure everyone has possibly had a similar idea with this item



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