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Unable to Recruit More Crits


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After being told that i have 36/36 crits by the recruitment interface, I went and sacced 2 crits


However, the system still thinks I have 36/36 crits after sac-ing


Crits recruitment at Raven Peace saying that I have maxed number of crits

StoreNow Link


My current crit list

StoreNow Link


After counting my crits... I don't think I have 36/36 before sac-ing to start with >.<


Uncertain if this is related to that time when Sasha broke my account and gave me illusions spells I don't have.  Though, the spells have already been removed by Chewett.

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Raven's Peace Recruitment Place says I have 36/36


Unholy Priest Recruitment Place says I have 36/36


Aramory says I have 36/36


Wind's Crossing Recruitment says I have 36/36



HTML interfaces says

"You have 36 creatures bound to your spirit out of a maximum 36. More creature slots can be purchased in the MD Shop."



Even Full Glow Achievement check says

"Only 24 of creatures from 36 as at max level. You need all to be maxed."

(I have 20 maxed crits only by the way o.O)

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