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Autograph being used in a different way

Blackshade Rider

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Hello everyone.


I have been trying to figure out a way to use my Autograph item in game.

I have came up with my own personal charity.


Once a week I choose some one that I see fit and I give them my Autograph.

With this Autograph I allow the person I gave it to , to pick 1 item out of my inventory (other than my coins and personal items and my chewan) for free.

 So far its worked out well.

Magohi was the first to get this offer. I passed him my Autograph and told him he may pick one item from my inventory for free now or in one week.

He waited the whole week and so my offer did not expire I told him when his week was up and he picked sashas bottled emotions.

The second was Sunfire and I gave him the same offer and he picked and imaginary lighter.

So here is how I will do this




If I see fit I will pass you my Autograph. With it you can get 1 item for free out of my inventory (other than my coins or personal items and my chewan).

This offer if given to you is only valid for a week. You can choose to turn in the autograph right then or wait the week and see if there is something different you want.

If you choose to wait I will tell you the day before the offer expires that you need to choose.

When you find what you want you pass me back my autograph and I pass you the item you picked.

And BAMMM its yours.




To get this offer it doesn't matter what you do. you could be the meanest or the nicest. I choose who I give the offer to off of random actions.


Please let me know if any others would like to put in on my charity and would like to do the same with their autograph.(if you pitch in you may choose whats off limits in your inventory)


Thank you



People that have chosen their prize


MaGoHi--- Sashas bottled emotions

Sunfire------Imaginary lighter

Asthir----pet rock

Mirus--- Colorful stone

DD---timeless dust

Eleyne--(refused to choose a gift. Didn't want one)


Dst----mechanical heart

MRF--- timeless dust
Lintara--- jeweled pin Edited by blackrider
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