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Head contest score carried over from past contest


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Well, I'm pretty sure most who care about the head contest have already noticed that the scores from the previous contest carried over to this one, but I'd like to create a topic anyway so I can express my hope: can the points we got since the contest started be saved?

I don't want the scores completely zeroed, since I used effort gathering heads just in case they wouldn't be and gained around 40 points in the meantime, probably more by the time action is taken. Also, many mp3s and some others who apparently didn't participate in the last contest (like Laz.. XD) had no idea that the scores were carried over and also spent time gathering heads.

This is assuming that this was a bug and Manu didn't intend to have the scores carried over. That would be unfair, because then it would give previous contestants an advantage over new players or those who opted not to last time because they were too weak or focusing on something else.

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Just a suggestion, it would be possible to do as Glaistig asks if there is a backup of old contest scores somewhere. All that needs to be done is to map the old "backup" values and new "current" values and subtract the backup from the current values, but there might still be too many hurdles. It's way easier to declare the current progress invalid and reset all values.

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Opps, I started a similar topic in the Contest area.

I'd like to know if this was just a bug or if it was intentional.

I think the fair thing to do is just reset all the Scores, I know some people have gatheres new Score in this contest, but with how many heads are out there already i don't think it will take that long to gather score again (I notice Lulu has over 100 heads already).

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Well, it would still be fair to keep the points gained, rather than completely resetting.. and people like me, who spent the whole day on this affair, would appreciate it. It's not really easy to get 100 heads.

I understand that it'd be less of a hassle to just reset, but then at least could the heads stay with whoever gathered it? x) I got more than 120 points today, too..

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