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Win/Loss bug


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This is my combat results after a fight:


-3% vs 26%

*** Combat details (under construction). 'E' is defender, 'A' is attacker

Your honor reward for this battle: 0

Your loyalty reward for this battle: 0

Enemy honor reward for this battle: 8

Enemy loyalty reward for this battle: 0

You were penalised with 2 honor for loosing this fight

*** todo help after fight

Casualties: Defender:26.24434%, Attacker:-2.85433%

heat A: 0 heat E: 0


usevitality e (you):51

usevitality a:100




E lost: 116vit; A lost: -116vit;

But after the fight all my creatures in the ritual lost their vit, although no damage was done. The opp had a hollow, and couldn't do damage.

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You are the attacker, right?

It could be that someone attacked you afterwards and the log of it was erased through an existant loophole. It's a kind of touchy subject because that loophole is related to a secret feature, so I'll just leave it for you to discover.

Otherwise, I can't think of how this would happen.

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