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English Major w/ 4.0 Looking to Help

Solomon Pierce

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I am currently an English Major (minoring in Creative Writing) at a University in New York with a 4.0 GPA. While playing through the game i have come across several Spelling/Grammatical errors. This throws off the flow of the game for me. What you are trying to do is create a seamless world for players to get into, however these errors create seams which pull the reader out of the reality you are trying to create. Furthermore, I feel that I understand very well the direction in which the storyline/game elements are headed. I have had a lot of experience writing Fiction and would love to offer my assistance with ideas and, of course, writing.

If you think i will be of some assistance, Email me at Baldwintutor@yahoo.com

I would be more than happy to share some of my work with you.

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well that is great but and i say but there is a flaw in your grammer already

xxxxx, 'E'mail me

supposed to be lowercase lol

but all the help is great ill submit this post to our king manu

his descision is needed

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hahaha so i the ungood at english was actually right about grammer wow

ummm that kinda looks bad gl and hope you can work wonders cause this game is my second -4th life dont mess it up or suffer my wrath

grrrr lol

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I work as a technical writer and editor; I have managed a proofreading department; I have years of experience writing copy for marketing and web pages; without pointing any fingers, I can spot grammatical errors in this very thread. Solomon, slang is perfectly acceptable in the text, let alone the discussion forum, of a MMORPG.

As killerpox suggests, I am willing to take the adventure log and proof the whole thing in the next 48 hours. I will send it to a moderator or attach it to this forum. If it gets passed along to Manu, wonderful. If it doesn't, I will shed no tears. I've worked without pay as a writer too often to complain or even notice rejection. Put simply, I am willing to offer a .doc or .txt file from which Manu or any other developer(s) can copy-and-paste. If others like my editorial changes, perhaps I can be engaged on other parts of the project. Friends, getting hung up on peccadillos such as whether to write email, e-mail, or Email is splitting hairs, making mountains of molehills, wandering through a maze of trivia without so much as a ball of yarn.

Caveat editor: be careful about trusting anyone who claims mastery of the English language. That includes me. English is difficult for native speakers, many of whom struggle at the post-graduate level to avoid comma splices, handle case usage, and triumph over the subjunctive mood. I have a good friend, an award-winning poet with an M.F.A., who cannot seem to manage case-usage for compound subjects and objects in his speech.

That said, I agree with the spirit of Solomon's suggestion: the typographical errors in MagicDuel are pervasive and jarring.

I say this for one reason only: I love MagicDuel. I love it. It is the greatest thing I have seen on the Internet in months. I'll see you somewhere between Wind's Sanctuary and the House of Liquid Dust.


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Page 123 [2008-07-11 19:17:19 - The Shade Ballance - Kn.]

Trying to control his killing instincts, the Knator thinks of what kind of members he should recruit for his task force. "I do have enough military power if needed. What I need are indeed warriors that can handle uncommon situations where force might not be required. I don’t think the shades recruited humans for their strength."

Page 122 [2008-07-11 19:17:19 - The Shade Ballance - Wod.]

After a long day training new recruits, Wodin takes a break and starts thinking of what Knator said. "Why is he scared about the shades’ alliance with humans? After all, humans are easier to kill than shades…" Even if he doesn't know much about this, Wodin has a dark feeling. "I will assemble a force ready to crush anyone and ANYTHING…"

Page 121 [2008-07-11 19:09:18 - The Shade Ballance - Wod. Kn.]

After receiving many warnings from many people, the .Knator Commander. decides to take action against the recent shade military maneuvers. He starts an alliance and establishes an agreement with Master Wodin Ullr to join forces if necessary. Wodin will gather its own forces under Golemus’ command. Although the shades are known for aggressive actions, this time what bothers Knator the most is that they have allied with humans. There must be a reason for this change in the shades’ tactics.

Page 120 [2008-07-10 03:22:14 - The Shade Ballance - Alc.]

The storm doesn't stop. Alche is already wet, even in shelter, and the weather is getting worse. While looking at his map of Golemus, he notices that there is a storm marked on the map in his location... "How can a storm be marked on a map?" He looks more carefully on his map to see if there are other strange markings. Outside the sky grows darker and darker.

Page 119 [2008-07-10 03:15:08 - The Shade Ballance - Wod.]

Agitated by the current events in Necrovion, several important warriors start to plan for a possible resistance or possibly even an attack. Master Wodin waits patiently: his knowledge about the shades tells him there is no need to panic for now, though others do not think that way.

Page 118 [2008-07-10 03:15:08 - The Shade Ballance - Kh.]

Fascinated by the shade and fully understanding its purpose as a counterbalance to what is happening outside Necrovion, Khalazdad swears loyalty to the shade and assumes responsibility for gathering an elite task force to obey and fight for Necrovion. Hearing rumors about the shades speaking to humans, other players adventure into Necrovion and try to learn more about them. [First Necrovion alliance formed]

Page 117 [2008-07-06 01:08:09 - The Shade Ballance - Alc.]

Alche reaches a bridge just before Mount Kelle'tha. A storm is coming, so he decides to take shelter and continue his journey tomorrow.

Page 116 [2008-07-06 01:06:13 - The Shade Ballance - Kh.]

"It is a SHADE!!" All scream in panic and hide behind Khalazdad. "We come in peace!" says Khalazdad, a bit unsure of his words. "Peace...hahhahaa...that will be your doom, human! You need WAR to survive! Peace with the shades will only make you more...faded." Confused by what the shade said, Khalazdad tries to learn more about the shades.

Page 115 [2008-07-05 04:03:47 - The Shade Ballance - Kh.]

Suddenly, Khalazdad starts to divide into many colors and slowly vanishes away. Some of the people in front of the Howling Gates start to dissolve into colored lights, too, following Khalazdad into Necrovion. The dark places look fascinating to them, though most fear the possible dangers. While inspecting the new place, they all gather in front of a tunnel exit. None of them can enter it because the darkness is so dense they all fear they will perish if they try to enter it. While staring into the dark tunnel, they notice that it is moving and something is coming out of it....frozen in panic, they watch the dark figure taking shape.

Page 114 [2008-07-05 03:25:21 - The Shade Ballance - Alc.]

Happy that he got confirmation from Akasha that the Book of Principles is easy to reach and it exists at the top of Mount Kelle'tha, Alche adventures deeper inside Golemus Golemicarum, heading towards the mountain. As he passes by a nearby cave, he notices lots of small humanoid creatures working on what seems to be a statue representing a bunny. Suddenly he hears voice and sees a man coming out of the cave. "What? What are you doing here?! …destroy it immediately!" Alche tries not to be noticed and walks away as quickly as he can. He can’t afford any delay in his journey.

Page 113 [2008-07-05 00:09:06 - The Shade Ballance]

A group of adventurers gathered together by Khalazdad are grouped in front of the Howling gates trying to contact the Shades. They even tried to bring gifts and offerings in the hope of contacting them, without knowing, or without caring, maybe, of the dangers.

Page 112 [2008-07-04 03:19:27 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak. Alc.]

"Ah, yes, that book, well, I left it where it belongs, in the fires of the great pyramid. You may go and read it if you like. You will have to get a bit burned, but the book is nice." Alche looks a bit confused. "But ..but… I heard you could not get it, and that you failed to retrieve it from the fire of the pyramid...is that not true?" Akasha grins. "Ah, that was just for the people to know, but the book is there. I read it. You go, too, go and get it from the fire. It’s simple." Alche's face brightens. "Thank you, my dear, thank you very much! I knew the book was there! I will go immediately and seek it! Thank you again!" ....Alche departs as quickly as he can, heading to Mount Kelle'tha. "Fool old man! He really thinks I will tell him anything about MY book...let him search until he abandons this foolish thought ...ahh, and even if...even if he manages to reach the pyramid...he will BURN! hahhahhaaa! Yes, BURN... he will burn as the wizard said."

Page 111 [2008-07-04 03:11:02 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak. Alc.]

"Good day!" the old man says. "My name is Alche. Well, it’s not exactly my name, but it’s pronounced better that way... I am a traveler from the Archive Lands, and I mean no harm to you. May I know your name?"Akasha is a bit bored by this introduction, and thinking about other things, tells him her name. "OHH, really...you are indeed Akasha? The one that tried to get the Book out of the pyramid’s fire? I was searching exactly for you! I come from far away in the search of the great knowledge of Golemus Golemicarum, rumored to be written in that Book, and I heard about you at the Gazebo of Gravitational Sound. I hoped you could share your knowledge about that Book. " Akasha looks a bit frightened at him and thinks, "Who is this fool man that thinks I will tell him about MY book of Principles...he wants to steal it for sure…"

Page 110 [2008-07-04 02:55:34 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Akasha is convinced that the wizard was wrong. The Book of Principles does exist, and she intends to prove it, even if it means to write it herself....Blinded by her strange obsession for the Principles, she does not pay attention to all the details in the letter. As she nears the Bridge of Ages, she sees an wizardly-looking old man approaching her.

Page 109 [2008-06-29 01:59:39 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"My dear foolish Akasha, I sent you on your quest knowing that there is nothing there to find for you. I think it’s a small thing to do in comparison to your intent to kill me. If you read this letter it means I am already dead or the shades got me, but it also means that you returned, and I don't know whose story is more interesting: yours or mine. If I managed to end my experiments then there is one more chance against the shades. Go talk to Wodin. If I failed then you should return to the pyramid where I sent you for the Book of Principles and look for your death, because that might be the only thing to save you from the imminent rage of the Shades. I saw great potential in you, even if you were sent against me. I do not think you have a dark soul, so even if you don't know it maybe your path will lead you toward the light. Keep my words close, as you might need them soon." Akasha takes the letter and leaves the deserted place. There is nothing else she can do there now.

Page 108 [2008-06-29 01:52:24 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

After searching the entire place, Akasha can’t find any clue of where the Wizard might be. The deserted place and all the things left unattended indicate to her that he left in a hurry or something even worse happened to him. While looking through his stuff, she notices a envelope on the table… with HER name on it! Inside the envelope she finds a letter addressed to her...

Page 107 [2008-06-24 04:13:21 - Golemus Wizard quest - Alc.]

Alche is approaching Gates of Ages, searching for Akasha and looking to try his luck with the mysterious floating pyramid to find the Book of Principles.

Page 106 [2008-06-24 04:10:42 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

The place looks somehow different. Everything is darker, plants are burnt here and there, a window is broken, and the place almost seems deserted … "What happened here?" thinks Akasha as she approaches the wizard’s place. She enters and sees the wizard’s cloak lying on the floor. She starts to search the place to find out where the wizard is or what is going on.

Page 105 [2008-06-21 17:36:38 - Golemus Wizard quest - Tha. Ak. Alc.]

The word of Akasha's quest to find the Book of Principles and her current study on this subject has reached Thanasia’s mind while she prayed at the Gazebo of Gravitational Sound. As soon as he heard the news from Thanasia, Alche, a wanderer from MDA Lands, thought he had found a flaw in Akasha’s failed attempt to reach the floating pyramid. He decides to go to Golemus to learn everything he can about the Principles and try to get the book himself.

Page 104 [2008-06-18 05:39:32 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Outside is sunny, and the storm is over. Akasha feels a strange addiction to the Principles she writes, as if something is making her unusually motivated to continue her work. The wizard that initially sent her to get the book does not represent a main concern for her anymore, though she plans to visit him on the way back; maybe becoming his adept was not such a bad idea after all. As she thinks this, she notices that the wizard’s home is not so far away and heads towards it.

Page 103 [2008-06-11 01:08:26 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim. - END]

A strange feeling, not known to normal people, makes simplyzero realize his duality. His mind is at the same time in the dark sea below the worlds and in the body that is wandering the No Man's Land. Time will tell if this strange split will have further consequences or is the final state of his destiny. Under certain circumstances, simplyzero has the ability to travel the underworld waters and reach any point where they connect. Each time he does so, a part of his soul shifts to the other side, so he won’t do that for free. Taking another person with him will be possible but the consequences are not yet known. (New RPC character released to play)

Page 102 [2008-06-11 01:08:15 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Since the papers she started with initially have been filled long ago, and her mind has stopped thinking about how she could possibly reach the floating pyramid in her search for the Book of Principles, her entire attention is now focused on writing the Principles…her own Principles…as she understands them. Voices in a nearby corridor make Akasha search for a hiding place. She has to exit this place before she gets caught, because the storm is probably over and she has no clue if the tiny people are friendly or not.

Page 101 [2008-06-07 16:12:58 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

After writing two more Principles, Akasha decides to take a break and look around to see what she can discover about this place. She notices one book open and reads a bit as she passes by, "…mighty ruler SmartAlekRJ decided today to teach us the right way of taming Drakhorns..."For no apparent reason, Akasha thinks of the Cyclicity Principle. The forging of the fake Principle Book seems to have turned into a personal passion for her. With every Principle she writes, more and more things become clear in her mind.

Page 100 [2008-06-07 16:07:02 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

While searching for a comfortable place Akasha finds a network of tunnels that lead her to what seem to be inhabited quarters, but as one is around she starts searching the rooms. One room in particular attracts her attention: it’s a library. She sits at a table and resumes her work. "Darkness Principle…" Akasha smiles. "It seems I am living it right now, as I am clueless of where I am but try to remain undetected at the same time." She continues to write.

Page 99 [2008-06-07 16:07:02 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Akasha enters the cave. The place seems quiet and dry at first, but walking deeper into the cave reveals a huge hall where ridiculously small people try to hold a mighty dragon with their ropes. Outside the storm grows much stronger, so she will find a good place and stay here until the storm is over.

Page 98 [2008-06-06 13:57:52 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"Let’s see…the Element Principle..." As she writes the Principles she can remember, the papers she has seem not enough, so she tries to make it as short as possible. Akasha continues writing as the storm sets in. She hides under a tree, trying not to get wet from the incoming rain, but the storm gets stronger. She remembers a cave nearby, with a strange-looking, monster-shaped entrance; maybe she can find a quiet place to finish her writing there.

Page 97 [2008-06-01 01:30:09 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

simplyzero decides not to deny the man’s identity. "Ok, if you say you are ...me...maybe you are right...maybe I am mad already ...anyway…where am I?" The man turns towards him. simplyzero looks in terror at the man’s face, for it is ...him...just much more older. "You are one step away from the reality you know," says the man. "Your actions and your blind fury turned you into a shade a long time before you realised it. Shades may not cross this water, but since you are not a shade entirely, you split in two. One part of you returned to what you were before, and one part remains trapped in these waters. However, you will be never separated from your shade, that’s me...I will be sailing these waters for eternity and you will be trapped between death and life, your reality and mine."

Page 96 [2008-05-29 03:03:03 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

"Who am I...?" the mysterious man asks, without turning towards simplyzero. After a moment of silence, dead silence in this creepy place, he continues… "I am simplyzero…you should ask yourself who you are."simplyzero looks shocked at the man and is unable to reply. The ferry floats still in the dark waters, and simplyzero tries to speak but he still has no clue what to say. (players are invited to suggest to simplyzero what he should do >here<)

Page 95 [2008-05-28 04:55:31 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

She leaves the pyramids behind her, having given up on trying to reach the floating one. As she crosses the bridge back, Akasha is thinking of a way to forge a fake book to present to the wizard. She takes the empty papers she found inside the pyramids and thinks, "What if I use these, write what I know about the Principles, and bind them together ... the wizard will be so confused that I might get a brief chance to kill him...at least that if I can’t get closer to him otherwise." She sits down and begins to write the first principle she knows. A storm is coming.

Page 94 [2008-05-26 03:55:57 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

It seems the water he has jumped in is much more than water, or at least for him it is. It is said that shades cannot get into water because it will drain their powers and return them to earth. simplyzero, or what was left of this poor peasant that ventured on such an insane journey, looks at the empty waters around him, slowly floating without purpose on what seems to be a small wooden ferry. At one end of the ferry he notices a man, and he approaches him and asks, "Where am I, what is this place...who are you…?”

Page 93 [2008-05-26 03:46:20 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Akasha rethinks her entire purpose…she started this journey in order to convince the Golemus Wizard that she was loyal and useful so that he will accept her as his apprentice, and in this way she could get close enough to him to find a way to stop him, either by killing him or sabotaging his actions. Maybe there is no need to actually return with the Book of Principles. Maybe she can return with a fake just to distract the wizard for a few moments. (Akasha has no way of knowing the wizard is already dead, so her quest continues as planned)

Page 92 [2008-05-22 03:10:48 - Golemus Wizard quest - Wod. Om. - END]

Full of anger, Ome thinks, "I never fail!!! If this means Wodin is preparing for war against the shades, then my task becomes now to stop him." Out of nowhere a voice speaks: "Very good. I was just preparing to kill you for your incompetence, but maybe your extraordinary skills can be of some use to our cause. Go seek Wodin at Road of Battles - he is training his army there, but be careful, for the spirit is stronger than your blade. You must find another way to challenge him." (New RPC Character released for play)

Page 91 [2008-05-22 02:59:06 - Golemus Wizard quest - Wod. Om.]

Still glowing, Wodin Ullr steps out of the morphing light. He looks at the dead wizard and at his killer and speaks to him: "Thank you. Two souls were given to summon mine, from one master the spirit and from one the body. Now it’s time to raise an army!" He strides outside the room and starts walking towards No Man's Land. Ome looks at him, confused, realising that this was part of the wizard’s plan. "What have I done?!?"

Page 90 [2008-05-20 19:00:04 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon - END]

SmartAlekRJ decides to assume his role as a Drakhorn Master and not to counter the tiny people, since after all they are obeying him as their ruler and seem to do whatever he tells them to. Being a Ruler over these dragon-tamers has its advantages, of course, but SmartAlekRJ is not yet aware of the possible dangers.

Page 89 [2008-05-22 14:37:11 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

He looks scared at the crowds as they approach him, but he slowly realises that they are actually doing what he commanded them to do! He is taken on their tiny arms outside the cave… he can actually control them! Countless possibilities flood SmartAlekRJ's mind as he is carried outside. The thought of running away from the weird, tiny people is now strongly countered by the idea of actually being the "Dragon Master."

Page 88 [2008-05-18 22:41:34 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlexRJ is preparing to do something very crazy...."Listen to me! I am your MASTER, I AM THE DRAGON MASTER!!!" ... the crowd reacts as usual, "All Hail the Dragon Master!"Then he thinks to do something very obvious that he didn’t think of before… "I order you to ...take me on your arms and bring me outside this cave!" ...a long moment of silence...the swarms of tiny people start to walk towards SmartAlekRJ ...

Page 87 [2008-05-16 03:45:25 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

He keeps falling and falling as though the water he jumped in was an illusion, like nothing was there, nothing...At some point, he stopped feeling the fall, everything was dark, and he was like floating into nothingness. The few glimmers of reason that remain in simplyzero make him think about what has happened, where he is, what revenge he had in mind for the Golemus wizard …but those thoughts soon vanish as a sensation of calm takes over.

Page 86 [2008-05-15 16:03:46 - Golemus Wizard quest - Wod. Om.]

The morphing light finishes taking shape. The wizard looks at his creation: he finally did it, despite all the attempts the shades made to stop him. A tear of joy drops as the killer’s blade cuts his throat. The wizard falls dead while the mysterious killer cleans his knife. "Hmm ...easier than I thought..."

Page 85 [2008-05-15 16:03:45 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlekRJ looks at the library and thinks of all the interesting information he could find there, about Drakhorns, the tiny people, and their former rulers "....or were they rulers after all?" He turns back to the great hall, planning to speak to them one more time.

Page 84 [2008-05-15 16:03:45 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"Almost there ... arghh...no, it’s too far up..." Akasha can't reach the flames of the floating pyramid. She has tried everything she could, but the pyramid is simply floating too far up. "Ah, damn it , it must be something else…" (make a suggestion >here<)

Page 83 [2008-05-14 21:14:23 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

"The water is so dark ... it actually looks like...oh no, it could not be...how could it....but still it looks like ...the sky at night." Simplyzero looks for something to build a boat to travel across the water and reach Golemus so he can satisfy his need for revenge. There are no trees around, no piece of wood or anything that will float...and Loreroot is sooo far away... he looks at the pitch-black water and a strong feeling of sadness strikes him. Necrovion’s images flash into his head and he cannot distinguish dream from reality anymore. He is afraid he will do something foolish, but this feeling slowly fades away.

Page 82 [2008-05-14 21:14:23 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

He turns back to the tunnels thinking how his attempt to rule the tiny people turned into a nightmare. He feels like he is in a prison, not bound by chains but by his fear to confront the weird and unpredictable tiny people. Or are they not so unpredictable after all? He wished to be their master, and now he is afraid of it. The whole picture is wrong. He has the feeling he is missing something. Maybe he is not doing the right thing. …a daring idea comes into his mind...

Page 81 [2008-05-14 21:14:22 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Akasha thinks of all the clues she has about the Book of Principles: six papers that look like pages of a notebook, the fact that the book is protected by the Principles in a hard-to-describe way, and a strong feeling that the book itself should be somewhere in the huge floating pyramid burning in the sky. Suddenly shy has an idea. She starts getting all the rocks so she can climb as close to the floating pyramid as possible, not to reach it , but to bring the papers close to the fire...

Page 80 [2008-05-14 04:48:11 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Close to Paper Cabin there is a way to descend to the water separating the mainland from Golemus Golemicarum. Maybe simplyzero will find a way to cross the water and reach Golemus by another way. The scars left by the Necrovion massacre start to emerge in the form of temporary hallucinations, headaches, and very short but profound sensations of irrational fear.

Page 79 [2008-05-14 15:00:10 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

There is no doubt for Akasha that the Book of Principles is somewhere inside or above the huge floating pyramid that is burning in slow-motion flames. (players are invited to give her suggestions on what to do about this >here<)

Page 78 [2008-05-14 21:14:22 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

It seems they have noticed he wants to leave and are planning to stop him. On seeing the angry mob and thinking of the poor devoured dragon, SmartAlekRJ smiles stupidly and heads back to the library. The crowd dissipates, but some still keep an eye on him. "I wonder what happened to the ex 'Bunny Master,'" he thinks…

Page 77 [2008-05-13 17:10:42 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

"Ooook...I was expecting anything but this …definitely there is something wrong about this whole scene…" He starts walking away from the place, planning to head towards the cave exit and run away as fast as possible. As he steps carefully, trying to go unobserved, a strange, constant sound comes from behind him. He carefully turns his head and sees a vast crowd of tiny people looking at him and singing or saying something.

Page 76 [2008-05-13 17:10:42 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

One place Akasha never checked is the floating pyramid, but she has no way of getting there. "There must be a connection between all this…the book is here somewhere. If it’s on the huge floating pyramid then there must be a way of getting there. If not, it must be somewhere here....oh...the wizard also said that it is guarded by the fires of mount Kelletha! How could I forget that?!?"

Page 75 [2008-05-13 17:10:42 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"The wizard said the book is protected by the Principles themselves and that it cannot be stolen or destroyed ...BUT I CANT FIND IT ...damn it!" ...she puts together all the papers she has found so far and tries to come up with an idea, anything that could help her find the book…

Page 74 [2008-05-13 05:29:16 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

As the massacre continues, SmartAlekrj looks terrified upon the horrible sight. Several hours pass until the tiny people completly disintegrate the massive beast, and as though nothing happened moments ago, they resume their daily routine. A small group comes to clean the remaining bones that form a huge skeleton where not long ago a mighty dragon stood.

Page 73 [2008-05-14 04:48:11 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Necrovion’s lands remain behind him like a bad memory watching for an opportunity to emerge. His rage is now diminished but his determination to finish what he started is stronger. A familiar place sparks a bit of life in him as he passes close to the Aramory. The bridge at the Gates of Ages is closed, as always, for him... more fuel for his revenge wish. He turns back to find another way to enter Golemus…

Page 72 [2008-05-13 02:08:06 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

After inspecting all the pyramids, she found that each one contained a blank paper that looks like a page from some large notebook…or something similar. She now has six pages, but not a single clue what they are or where to find the Book of Principles.

Page 71 [2008-05-13 02:08:06 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"Oh...this is so similar to the other pyramid...and look, just an empty paper, and probably nothing more, just like in the previous place." She picks up the torn page and moves on.

Page 70 [2008-05-13 02:08:05 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

Like a swarm of psychopaths, hundreds, maybe thousands of tiny people run toward one of the captive dragons, screaming so unnaturally loudly that SmartAlekRJ has to put his hands against his ears. They start to tear the poor dragon apart, cutting and biting pieces of him as the poor beast screams his pain in the large cave.

Page 69 [2008-05-12 16:26:26 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

With a terrifying scream, the creature starts to swing his wings and takes off hitting the ceiling of the cave while struggling to escape. Distracted for a second by the magnificent look of the Drakhorn, SmartAlekRJ immediately turns his attention to the tiny people…

Page 68 [2008-05-12 16:26:26 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

After spending a lot of time searching the empty hall for other possible items or clues, she decides there is nothing else left and moves on to investigate the other pyramids.

Page 67 [2008-05-12 16:26:25 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

In his eyes, Necrovion is now burning in flames with no creatures left in it whatsoever: one of the many illusions Necrovion can create in the minds of those that get lost in it. simplyzero approaches the Howling Gates and looks behind him one more time... "Now I’ve finished with you, I shall go and destroy the source of this all ...the Golemus wizard...you will pay for ignoring me."

Page 66 [2008-05-12 16:29:18 - Golemus Wizard quest - Wod.]

A humanoid shape emerges from the glowing mixture of light and fog. The wizard stares at it with eyes full of joy... "Finally!! ...Master Wodin....O mighty warrior...you are finally here..the Shades will finally be destroyed now …just a few more moments, and you will be able to exit the energy field."He runs outside again to adjust the mirror …As he steps outside, a foreign thought reaches his mind..."Now could be a good moment, or maybe I should wait and see what he is up to..." The wizard ignores it, as he knows shades will send other killers for him, but he is so close now, nothing can stop the process now…

Page 65 [2008-05-12 12:11:50 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

Confused but also intrigued by what is going on, he decides to try to release one of the dragons that the tiny people keep bound and see what happens. He slowly releases one of the drakhorns. The creature is massive and looks dangerous.

Page 64 [2008-05-12 12:11:50 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

As she approaches the altar, she sees something on it that looks like a piece of paper. She looks at the paper but there is nothing on it: a perfectly clean piece of paper with a rough but evenly distributed texture. On one side, the paper is torn as if it has been ripped. "I should take this. Maybe it will be an important clue later. Let’s see what else I can find…"

Page 63 [2008-05-12 12:11:50 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

He walks in the corridors, shouting from time to time at people he meets, "I am the Dragon Master!" They all answer the same way: "HAIL The Dragon Master"…and they don’t even turn their heads toward him anymore, but they still answer.

Page 62 [2008-05-12 12:11:50 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

The book ends as expected, with the Dragon Master opening a book in the library. "This must be a joke," he thinks. "The tiny people made this to scare me ...but when? I just came from that...speech." With his mind on the recent events, SmartAlekRJ forgets for now about his initial journey to find his Dragon.

Page 61 [2008-05-12 02:44:27 - Golemus Wizard quest - Wod.]

While waiting for the mysterious light formation to take shape, the wizard thinks... "Good thing I sent Akasha away to get that book...she could be more dangerous to my plan than a professional killer sent to kill me ...” He looks out at the window with his mind far away... "She will never find the Book of Principles ...nobody can…there is none ....and even if there were....arghhh!! I am thinking foolish things again!" …he turns away from the window and admires his work in progress.

Page 60 [2008-05-12 02:37:52 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

As he opens another book, a big, heavy book, actually heavy for him and not only for the tiny people, he reads its title… "History of the Ancient Dragon Master." He stares speechless at a page illustrating him in front of a big crowd. He starts reading with his heart pumping hard in his chest...

Page 59 [2008-05-12 00:43:01 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

The pyramid is nearly empty inside: one single, huge hall with openings to let light in. The overall feeling is majestic. Akasha steps carefully toward what seems to be sort of an altar in the center of the room.

Page 58 [2008-05-12 00:43:01 - Golemus Wizard quest - Om.]

"What is he doing...?" Ome slowly approaches the wizard’s place trying to go unobserved. A strange glowing light can be seen from inside the house. Ome decides to wait and see what is going on. He has never killed a wizard before, so he must be careful. "He looks so old. His strength is definitely not physical, but so many failed to defeat him, I’d better observe him for a while."

Page 57 [2008-05-11 20:35:36 - Golemus Wizard quest - Wod.]

"Finally! My work is complete…!" The wizard turns at his desk, writing something down. In the middle of the room a strange glowing thing starts to take shape. The wizard runs outside and adjusts a mirror that reflects sunlight through a window directly into the forming thing. "Good thing the sun never sets. You will need plenty of energy to grow...”

Page 56 [2008-05-12 02:45:47 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

It’s clear that such a great artefact such as the Book of Principles should be placed somewhere in an important location, but where? The floating, burning building does not seem to have any way of access, so maybe it’s not a building after all. Akasha starts inspecting the place, searching for a clue. The pyramids on the ground seem to have an entrance, and she starts with the first one. Maybe she will find something in one of them.

Page 55 [2008-05-11 19:49:30 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

Searching through the library reveals several books about former leaders. SmartAlekRJ reads a passage… "As the almighty Master taught us, we are all Bunnies in the Bunny Empire! All Hail The Lord of Bunnies! All Hail The Bunny Empire...!”

Page 54 [2008-05-11 19:49:01 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

He starts searching for a book that will explain more about the tiny people. He has studied about the Drakhorns but not about these weird little people everywhere. Maybe he can learn something about their behaviour and understand their strange reaction.

Page 53 [2008-05-11 00:00:38 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

Almost feeling like he is dreaming, SmartAlekRJ runs through the tunnels back to the library, searching for a quiet place where he can think on what has just happened.

Page 52 [2008-05-12 16:26:25 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Behind his face, tortured by the Necrovion environment and by the premature aging he experienced in the Vale of Oblivion, two blue eyes stay witness to his extinguished powers and his unnatural will. On the other side of the world swarms of tiny people depleted of will are praising their new Dragon Master.

Page 51 [2008-05-10 21:26:07 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

She moves away as far as she can so she can see what is causing that light above the huge floating pyramid. Amazed by the view, Akasha realises the light is caused by something that could described as a "slow fire," a fire that burns but whose flames are moving very, very slowly. "This must be the fire of Mount Kelle'tha… I heard about it. I was hoping it was something more metaphorical. Hmmm…"

Page 50 [2008-05-10 21:15:02 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Exhausted by the fight, simplyzero departs the DeathMarrow capital. In the place of his eyes burn flames depleted of all life forms … which might not be so far from the truth. His steps are heavier and his eyes are weakening as he approaches the Vale of Oblivion on his way back.

Page 49 [2008-05-11 00:00:32 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

Intrigued by their reaction, SmartAlekRJ shouts again, this time louder and more convincingly at the swarms of tiny people working all over the place. "I am YOUR master, and you will do as I say or I shall turn you into dust!" …same indifferent answer... "Hail The Dragon Master!!"

Page 48 [2008-05-10 21:11:12 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo. END]

"So...it seems you solved my riddle after all…" The landscape changes, and STF finds himself back at the wizard’s place. A distant whisper fades in his mind as he wakes from the dream... "I will be around you wherever you go...." STF has a powerful feeling that he has learned something new. The presence of .Morpheus. becomes part of him, and the dream-master will hunt the dreams of whomever he wishes. He walks away from the wizard’s place, fearing what else could happen to him if he tries to challenge the wizard again.

Page 47 [2008-05-10 03:58:02 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

After a long moment of silence, the tiny ant-people all scream with their little voices, “Hail The Dragon Master!!” and like nothing has happened, turn back to what they were doing. SmartAlekRJ looks confused by this odd moment. The tiny people continue their work and ignore him as though they have just forgotten what he has said.

Page 46 [2008-05-10 03:54:33 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

A huge pyramid turned upside down floats above her head. Akasha stares amazed at the unbelievable structure. Some sort of light is coming behind the pyramid from something far above. It’s difficult to see what it is while standing below it.

Page 45 [2008-05-09 22:59:20 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

"Ignorant creatures, I shall kill them all!!!" With his soul shattered by his frustration, simplyzero focuses and recalls his creatures, invoking each one within a deadly ritual. With the energy of all his creatures combined, he launches a storm of devastating attacks in the blackness of Necrovion, fighting his imaginary enemies. For a man blinded by a false purpose, anything can take the shape of his enemies.

Page 44 [2008-05-09 22:46:34 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

"Listen to me, people! I am the Ancient Dragon Master returned from the beginning of time to rule my dragon kingdom once again! As you can see I am a God, for I am bigger than you and I have divine powers…don't make me show them to you or you will be sorry!" ...SmartAlekRJ is holding his breath, waiting for a reaction, and trying to look dangerous..

Page 43 [2008-05-09 22:41:06 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

After climbing for several hours, Akasha finally reaches the top of Mount Kelle'tha. Thinking at first that they are huge rocks, she discovers a circle formation of pyramid-shaped buildings that looks like a temple of some sort. As she looks at these constructions she realises that something is casting a big shadow over the entire plateau. Slowly she raises her head and looks to the sky...

Page 42 [2008-05-09 06:41:38 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo.]

STF turns toward the crowd behind him waving like a freshly elected president and does the banana dance on BOTH legs. .Morpheus. shouts: "HEY! what do you think you're doing!?" ...the crowd disappears, and STF looks at the ground before Morpheus like a guilty child, waiting for his reaction...the answer might be wrong after all…

Page 41 [2008-05-09 06:03:18 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo.]

.Morpheus.: "As i was saying, should it be the left or the right leg?" ... STF: "No, please... " .M.: "Ha, what are you afraid of, it’s just a leg, muhahhaa!" .. STF:"DEATH...!” .M.:"WHAT? What did you just say? Do you actually think I care what you are afraid of? Ha…impertinent human....!” S: "No...the answer is DEATH....”

Page 40 [2008-05-09 05:58:08 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlekRJ turns back to the great dragon hall where he entered the tunnels. After reading all those books about the Drakhorns, he knows he has no reason to fear them, as these are tamed dragons specially bred for sacrification. With a bit of insane courage he decides to shout a speech for the tiny people there. All stop what they are doing and look confused at him…

Page 39 [2008-05-09 05:52:58 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

As Akasha crosses the bridge towards Mount Kelle'tha, she experiences a deep sensation of respect. This is a holy place.

Page 38 [2008-05-09 04:03:08 - Golemus Wizard quest - Om.]

He can't turn back to Necrovion. That path only opens in the presence of a shade, but he can do something else that might impress the shades and make them forgive his failure in killing BigC...."Yeeeees …this I will do...I will be the first to do it so the shades will forgive me or maybe even reward me, hehheheh!" As he thinks of this, Ome starts walking toward the Gates of Ages.

Page 37 [2008-05-08 11:16:45 - Gjinja the Chronicler]

At the warm candle light, Gjinja starts to write the legend of the current events…

Page 36 [2008-05-08 10:43:58 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"…Ah, and the Element Principle … I wonder if that could stop the bad weather...but that’s for more complex things... oh well, since I have nothing better to do while I am waiting, let’s imagine how this could be done... maybe add a bit of Fire to the Water and Wind outside, merge them into one, use the Wind to spread the action and use Earth to attract the Water ..... OHH! Look, the sun is shining, and this delicate, warm rain ...oh, and the fog is clearing… I guess I can stop thinking nonsense and move on now..."

Page 35 [2008-05-08 10:48:45 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo.]

“I shall remove one leg from your body. Maybe this will make you think harder on the riddle..." NOOO, PLEASE, .Morpheus. , I am thinking really hard, PLEASE!!! ...what was it ...oh yes ..."So close but yet so far, one’s fear is the other’s war…." Thinking…thinking... (players are invited to help >here<. if a solution is made public, STF will escape Morpheus’ riddle)

Page 34 [2008-05-07 03:48:12 - Golemus Wizard quest - Om.]

Well blended into the crowd, the mysterious assassin hears the news of BigC's survival...

Page 33 [2008-05-07 03:45:10 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

"The legendary Deathmarrow, a pillar of beauty and strength!" ...simplyzero stares amazed at the horrific dark growth that emerges from the depth and reaches the sky. "Hmm, now where are those shades ... I should ask these people here ...Hey, you slimes! I am seeking the shades! Where are they!?" As he stares into nothingness, simplyzero continues his dialogue… "Shades? No, sir, there are none here. The shades are outside. They live in Marind Bell, not here...”

Page 32 [2008-05-07 02:14:38 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

A diabolical idea starts to form in SmartAlekRJ's head ..."The drakhorns are such powerful creatures... what if ...oh, no, I couldn't do that...but then again, I am so big...am I? ...hmmm."

Page 31 [2008-05-07 02:12:00 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

"The Book of Principles, what could be in it...?" Akasha starts enumerating the principles she has learned so far… "Ok, I know…Balance...I fight well and temper my greed, and I learned to lose well and to win when I want ... what else… oh, I know, Syntropy ... I regenerate my creatures and they keep improving skill …what else..." As she tries to think of more principles she knows, the weather starts to get worse. It seems she will have to wait longer before crossing the bridge.

Page 30 [2008-05-07 02:03:35 - Golemus Wizard quest - Big. END]

Dragged over miles and dumped into a pitch black place, BigC feels weak but not abandoned. He knows there are people out there that remember him as a mighty warrior, and maybe one day someone will come to free him, or he will recover strength and escape on his own. Of course, there is always a chance that he will die of cold and hunger in the blackness of the Necrovion darkness...but at least he is still alive. That should be a lesson for all brave warriors who think they can mock the shades’ power. BigC's quest ends here ... for now.

Page 29 [2008-05-06 10:47:47 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

As he approaches the thick column of smoke he realizes that it stays still. It doesn't look like smoke after all. It’s more like a huge plant. Could this be the legendary Deathmarrow, root of all evil...? But wait! Something is moving behind that rock... oh, a shade, mmm, such a good taste, the dark essence of this tiny little thing dripping from his teeth ... what ...it has bones? ..damn it, it’s not a shade... Driven by what is widely known as Necrovion Insanity Syndrome, simplyzero continues his search for the shades.

Page 28 [2008-05-06 10:39:50 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

Wow! Well-trained Drakhorns can actually do 300 or more base damage to all enemy creatures... SmartAlekRJ keeps reading and starts to have a slightly different image of his cute little baby dragon.

Page 27 [2008-05-05 23:29:43 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo.]

STF remains clueless in front of .Morpheus.’ riddle. As time passes, he gets closer to a tragic ending…

Page 26 [2008-05-05 23:30:53 - Golemus Wizard quest - Big.]

Now he can hear them, the voices praying for him, he can actually feel their names, Thanasia, Metal Bunny, Necrohunter, Lessa, Grido, Daeron, Psycho, Leinado, Gjinja , many others. ... But ... one voice...ohhh sweet revenge....one day.... As the shades drag him deeper inside Necrovion, he uses what little power he has left to keep him alive and slowly heal his wounds. For now he is at the mercy of the shades.

Page 25 [2008-05-07 02:12:00 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

After an exhausting climb, Akasha decides to take a break. She looks at her surroundings: rocks everywhere, no sign that could point her in the right direction, but she is sure she is on the right path. Far away she can see a bridge but after that bridge there is only a dense fog. She will make camp here and pass the bridge tomorrow after she rests.

Page 24 [2008-05-05 14:24:39 - Golemus Wizard quest - Th. Big.]

His memories start to pass in front of his eyes in the rhythm of the music. A cold calm invades him as his will fades slowly away... but something is not right. The music is louder and louder, the rhythm is calling him back … all these people praying for BigC at the Gazebo of Gravitational Sound: their voices traveled all the way to Necrovion, just the little support BigC needed to stay alive …but staying alive in such a place, is it much better than dying? (you can join the BigC support group >here<. )

Page 23 [2008-05-05 13:52:57 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST. Mo.]

The wind blows, removing the words from the sand. STF remains confused thinking of them..."So close yet so far, one’s fear is the other’s war" ....what could it be...who are you? ...."I am .Morpheus." ... what? Who said that? Where am I? Confused and a bit frightened, STF sits down thinking of those words. If only if there were someone to help him solve this riddle. (players are welcome to pm STF with their suggestions)

Page 22 [2008-05-05 13:46:43 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlekRJ finds a small library of books ... literally very small books that would constitute a huge library were they books of normal size. As he opens several of them, he realizes that all the books are about drakhorns, how to raise them, how to tame them. It seems to be an ancient tradition for these people to raise drakhorns. At some points he finds a passage that speaks of "The sacrification of drakhorns" ...this doesn't sound right ...he keeps reading.

Page 21 [2008-05-05 13:36:34 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

As expected, reaching Mount Kelle'tha is not an easy task. Four seasons cycle during the same day. Calm winter snow and heavy tropical rain occur within minutes. Akasha has never seen such an impressive show of nature.

Page 20 [2008-05-04 22:42:53 - Golemus Wizard quest - Th. Big.]

After hearing the terrible news about BigC, Thanasia, a young girl of Marind Bell, has retreated inside the Gazebo of Gravitational Sound and is chanting a protection spell for BigC. She hasn't known him well at all, but she predicts that - on the scarce chance that he survives - they might find themselves on the same side of a subtle yet imminent war. The mantra she keeps repeating is now being carried by the wind itself, and Thanasia hopes it will reach BigC... if he is still amongst the living.

Page 19 [2008-05-04 22:06:18 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Walking in the darkness, simplyzero realises that he aged a lot. His hair is now long, his beard is dense, and his legs hurt him. Something about this place has made him lose vitality, but he keeps moving. Far away he can see a thick column of smoke.

Page 18 [2008-05-04 22:06:18 - Golemus Wizard quest - Big. Om.]

BigC steps through the Gates of Ages and returns to No Man's Land ...a strangely familiar metal taste floods his mouth, and the blood runs out of him as the sky becomes dark and all things fade away. Who was that? Ome…why…why you... In his last moments of pain he sees how his body is dragged past the House of Liquid Dust...towards the Howling Gates.

Page 17 [2008-05-04 18:43:10 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlekRJ is searching the vast tunnel network, trying to remain unobserved by the tiny people. There seems to be an entire ant-like society of tiny people taming dragons.

Page 16 [2008-05-04 22:06:18 - Golemus Wizard quest - ST.]

As he walks the green plains, the sky turns into water, the plains turn into desert, and a voice starts to speak. "Answer my riddle and you shall live well; answer it intelligently and you shall get a spell". STF stops for a second, thinking he has gone mad and is hearing voices, but as he looks behind him he sees his footsteps change into words … "So close yet so far, one’s fear is the other’s war ...”

Page 15 [2008-05-05 13:36:34 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

The wizard acts as though nothing has happened, kindly inviting Akasha to sit and tell her story. After a long talk, the wizard accepts Akasha as an apprentice and sends her on mission to prove her skills and loyalty. He sends her after the Book of Principles guarded by the fires of Mount Kelle'tha. The book is actually protected by the principles itself, so if someone tries to destroy it or steal it, the book will return unharmed to its place. Akasha realises that this book cannot be taken away from its place and is a bit confused as to why the wizard has given her this task; however, there is nothing she can do about it, so she starts her journey to get the book or at least try...

Page 14 [2008-05-04 22:06:17 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Suddenly he feels heavier; dark memories flood his mind; an unstoppable urge to kill makes him go deeper into Necrovion. He can no longer remember his homeland. All he knows is his name - simplyzero - and his purpose - to kill the shades ...those damn shades that ignored him and denied him the right to pursue the Golemus Wizard quest...As he walks with his mind buried in dark thoughts he reaches a vale, and the road seems to vanish in the depth....

Page 13 [2008-05-04 22:06:17 - Golemus Wizard quest - Om.]

Shades contacted a powerful player to capture and bring BigC into Necrovion so that he can be imprisoned there for eternity. With his heart at peace that he did the right thing by not killing the wizard, BigC decides that it’s time to exit Golemus and face the wrath of the shades.

Page 12 [2008-05-04 22:06:16 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak.]

Akasha realises the power of the wizard and pretends to be just a hopeful apprentice who has come to learn from the great master. She doesn't want to disappear like STF did; she must act smart and discover the wizard’s weakness before attempting to kill him.

Page 11 [2008-05-04 22:06:16 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak. ST.]

STF attacks the wizard, but as he strikes with his great sword, he realises that he is on a plain of flowers and that his mighty sword is just a broken staff... the sun is rising and the birds are starting to sing...he is DREAMING...but how …when…where is the wizard...what happened?

Page 10 [2008-05-04 22:06:16 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

simplyzero reaches the Necrovion Gates ... Motivated by his anger against the shades, he steps into Necrovion without caring about the consequences. His quest to find and destroy the shades that ignored him continues...

Page 9 [2008-05-02 16:01:23 - Weaver Gared Chronicler]

Fascinated by the current events, Weaver Gared begins to write a chronicle about them and tries to keep up with all things going-on. A great and dangerous adventure awaits him, as he will follow the footsteps of those who have gone on the wizard quest. He hopes that his book will be greatly enjoyed by his friends and fellow players.

Page 8 [2008-05-04 22:06:15 - Golemus Wizard quest - sim.]

Frustrated that he cannot participate in the wizard quest, an uneducated peasant known by the name of simplyzero decides to go on a journey to find the shades and kill them. He seems well motivated and will probably die with the sword in his hand… IF he can find the shades...

Page 7 [2008-05-04 22:06:15 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak. ST.]

Akasha and STF reach the Golemus wizard....

Page 6 [2008-05-04 18:42:57 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlekRJ decides to continue to search for his dragon and enters the dark lair. He sees a mighty dragon bound by tiny humans who are trying to tame him. Far behind he can see some small entrances that look like tunnels; he decides to pass unobserved by the dragon and the people surrounding him and go into the tunnel network. Maybe his dragon is encaged somewhere nearby.

Page 5 [2008-05-04 22:06:14 - Golemus Wizard quest - Ak. ST.]

Shades contact *Akasha* and STF to finish the quest to stop the wizard’s actions. Their quest will begin soon…

In the meantime SmartAlekRJ has found a dark dragon’s lair, but he is unsure whether to proceed into the lair or quit his journey and turn back without his dragon.

Page 4 [2008-05-04 22:06:14 - Golemus Wizard quest - Big.]

BigC reaches the Golemus wizard and learns that he is trying to contact a great warrior, Wodan Ullr, through the dream world. The wizard summoned .Morpheus., a legendary dream-master, to help him communicate with the people of Marind Bell. BigC decides not to complete the quest given by the Shades and to leave the wizard alone to do his thing. The shades will be extremely angry...BigC remains in Golemus until he thinks of a way to confront the shades.

Page 3 [2008-05-02 15:23:13 - SmartAlekRJ's Lost Dragon]

SmartAlekRJ's Dragon discovers how to take flight. No run-of-the-mill dragon is disciplined enough to be capable of flying, nor is any normal individual gifted enough to harness a dragon’s substantial power. In a single thrashing dive, SmartAlekRJ’s dragon swoops near the ground and instantly flies off into the distance past the (place). SmartAlekRJ remembers hearing an anecdote of an elderly man who had lost his legs but who knew how to tame Dragons. Consequently he sets off into Golemus Golemicarum to locate the elderly man and learn how to master his dragon.

Page 2 [2008-05-04 22:06:15 - Golemus Wizard quest - Big.]

Shades have picked *BigC* to go on a mission in Golemus Golemicarum and stop the wizard from messing with the dream world. However, the first meeting didn't go so well, and BigC is not sure whether to help the shades or destroy them...

Page 1 [2008-05-02 15:11:10 - Golemus Wizard quest]

Some crazy wizard is experimenting with the dream world in Golemus Golemicarum, and his actions seem to upset the dark forces of Necrovion. A hero is sought to go on a quest to see what’s going on there. IF he returns successfully, he will be greatly rewarded, but if he fails... his account will be doomed and locked forever in a Necrovion prison, or the crazy wizard might turn him into a weird animal or something. It is rumored that the dark shades are already testing players to see who fits their requirements.

There. That's a one-look draft, so it may not be 100% perfect. Do with it what you will. Print it and make it into paper-airplanes if you like. I have .txt, .doc, and .docx versions, too.

Note that I have tried to standardize some spellings such as Drakhorn and Ome, which appear in various incarnations in the existing text. I have also kept to UK-English spellings where I noticed them.

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Argh - I knew I'd forget something. The titles of the top few entries should be "The Shade Balance" rather than the existing "Shade Ballance." This is a minor slip-up, but a mistake in the title is the kind of thing that does not inspire confidence in your editor(s). This is why you look at everything at least twice before you finalize it, and get a second pair of eyes if you can.

I wasn't even looking at the titles, but spent all my energies looking at the text, which I still haven't yet re-read for editorial garbling such as cut-and-paste mishaps.

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This expertise should be used if offered. I personally have some trouble understanding things the way they are written now. Please take this kind offer under serious consideration! I love this game also, consider it very worthy of playing and would love to see all aspects of it the best they can be, and the editing would help immensly.

My humble opinion stated... ^_^

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