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Cake Off


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Behold a wonder-us way to win a WP. 

A fight to the death of for the best cake in MD 

All cakes will be devoured


what do you have to do:

First make a cake and include your player-name on it (or on paper next to it but that's less points)

Then write down the recipe and if you want add pictures of process or what ever.

Post all that here.


I'll recreate all your cakes by myself for taste test :)



everything is judged 1-10 and then summed up.

1) Your image of the cake. how good it looks, is the name on or off it, originality (looking for co-judges)

2) image of my made version (looking for co-judges)

3) How hard was it to make, will not add to your score directly but will modify the end score by the difference with the taste. So if complexity is 7 and taste is 8 you gain one point if complexity is 8 and taste is 7 you lose one point. Will also modify score of my version's image (modulation between your image, my image, complexity). (me, wife, judges.)

4) taste (my wife, my coworkers)



First place: WP

Places 2-5: 1GC


Rewards are subject to change if TK or whoever wishes to donate something.



Atleast 10 entries and 1 week from last entry



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Ok! So I've finally found time to start baking! :D


I'll post it in segments of progression (I will include a final picture with both my player name and myself gorging a piece --should it go well! :P)


Without further ado I give you...<insert dramatic musical piece here>


The Treasure Keepers Secret Treasure Cake!





[log= Ingredients!]



From top to bottom, left to right.

- 4 Medium Eggs (Room Temp)

- 4 Tbs Bitter Cocoa

-225g Self-raising Flour

- 225g Caster Sugar

-225g Unsalted Butter (Room Temp)

-50g Mint Chocolate Balls

-50g Candy and Chocolate Coated Peanuts

-Full Fat Milk (To loosen mix)

-Black Food Colouring

- Good quality Vanilla Essence

- Chocolate decoration icing (For decoration)




-Sweets can be replaced with others of own choosing.

- Chocolate decoration mix I made using 200g 90% cocoa dark chocolate, 2 tbs of Agave nectar, black food colouring and icing sugar to thicken.




First pre-heat your oven to 180oC. Then cream vanilla essence, sugar and butter together until smooth and thoroughly mixed.




Next sieve cocoa powder and flour together before folding flour mix and eggs into the buttercream. 

Note: Add a small amount of flour to mix before adding the first egg, this will prevent the mix from curdling. From there on in add 1/4 flour mix to every 1 egg added, ensuring egg and flour are thoroughly folded together. Don't stir!! This will remove any air pockets in the mix! It's these pockets that allow for the cake to rise and be fluffy!




The mix should be smooth and silky, with a moose (the chocolate sort, not the animal!) consistency. If the mix is too thick add a tablespoon of milk at a time until it becomes the desired consistency. (I always add at least 1 spoon of milk as a precaution)

If the mix curdles (looks as if it's separated a little) add little but equal amounts of cocoa and flour to the mix, folding until un-curdled.


Once the mix is ready grease two baking circular baking tins (I used 8" tins). Line the bottoms(inside) with a circle of greaseproof paper and flour the sides, tapping out any excess flour.  Use plain flour not self-raising for this part.



(Yes, my socks are different, they're meant to be :P)


Once that's done, evenly split the mix between the two tins and spread so they fill the tin. When filled, drop each tin from a 3/4" height above the counter, allowing it to smack onto the worktop. This removes any large air pockets in the mix, stopping the cake from having large, cakeless, pockets inside it.


Now place into the oven. Always gently close the door as slamming it will cause the cakes to fall in the middle. Bake for 30-35 minute until soft and spongy to touch, or a skewer can be placed through and come out clean. If you're using a  convection oven, bake for 20 minutes and then cover with greaseproof paper (this will prevent the tops from burning.)




More to come! :D

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I'll add a more precise scoring map. if You see a problem point it out.


participants images, story = scores of judges summed up and divided by the amount of judges
My version images, story = scores of judges summed up and divided by the amount of judges (modified by complexity score and score difference of the versions (less complex must have less difference))
How hard was it to make (complexity) = scores of judges summed up and divided by the amount of judges + scores of me and my wife and then divided by 3 
Taste of my version = scores of judges summed up and divided by the amount of judges (modified by complexity (more complex must be more tasty :P))
Final = Scores of images and taste summed up and divided by 3
Die breaker = 1) who has more higher scores 2) rematch :P
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