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Well here we go yet again! It's time for another quest!


Well, "soon", not yet.


But there will be one!


Just not yet.


But sign up now!


Or you'll miss out on the fun...



Several miniature quests are currently under construction, each one different and of varying difficulty -- something for everyone!


There will be drawing, singing, writing, fighting, finding and all the other "tings"! There is bound to be something to tickle your taste buds and whet your palate, so what are you waiting for?! 


Sign up now!


Please add the following:



Player ID

Current Active Days


Favourite Fruit (and why)

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Is there a description for this quest ?

I'd like to know what's all about before signing up.


If it is described in another topic. I am sorry. Can you please add a link ?


I'll be adding descriptions soon (perhaps this evening, was just waiting on some feedback and sponsorships.)

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Name: MaGoHi

ID: 253305

Activity days: 97% (A total of 326 out of 335 days)

Mindpower: 5

Favourite Fruit (and why): Strawberries, BECAUSE : imagine to cut them up in nice pieces after you plucked them freshly off the field so that some of them are still warm because of the sun, you put them in a bowl and add a bit of sugar or ice cream and enjoy them in a comfortable chair in the sun :D

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Jubaris, id 62639, 2486 active days old, mind power 5, and I'm an alcoholic... Oh wait, I guess clicked on the wrong topic.

Favorite fruit: strawberry, or at least it was in my childhood and I just decided to keep it officially favored. Why? Because it is red and it tastes nice. Strawberry juice always had a tough race for me with peach juice. Peach juice won the juice war eventually, but strawberry kept the favorite fruit legacy ever since.

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Ahh, why not! :D


My favorite fruit is Apples. They come in so many different varieties, from sweet and squishy, to tart and crisp, and all combinations in between. They can be juiced, and baked, and are firm enough to pack well in a pocket for hiking into the wilderness, and store very well on a bowl without refrigeration for a good while. All in al la very convenient and tasty treat.
Plus, they have lots of symbolism, with the seeds pattern and mythological significance across cultures. The world, not just in a grain of sand, but in a fruit, that I eat! neat!
(close second is elderberry, for similar reasons, every year I harvest tons of them and make jelly, and cordials, and medicinal syrups, and the branches are hollow, and...)

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