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Secret Santa - Rophsmas 2015


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I did this last year and had a bunch of fun doing it. Let's make this a tradition :D


What you need to do:

Send me a CTC or and ITC via ForumPM and that you wish to enter into the Gift Pool before 12/22/2015 (M/D/Y) at 23:59:59 ST.


What happens next:

During Christmas (maybe a little after) you'll get a ForumPM with a CTC or ITC of the gift you are receiving.


Don't be stingy. Last year someone put in a freshly recruited remains and got NOTHING. Don't think that you can put in something cheap and get out a morph.


Please do not send me a PM ingame with the CTC or ITC. It's a lot easier if I can find every CTC or ITC in the same place. If you send me the CTC or ITC through any means OTHER than FourmPM I will tell you to send it to me in a ForumPM.


List of people who have sent in a CTC or ITC:

  • wideberth
  • powle
  • amberrune
  • maebius
  • tissy
  • the adventurer
  • kyphis
  • mrwander
  • aethon
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  • Root Admin

So to clarify since I have had a couple people asking me about this.

Last year I made all the CTC's magic, worked out who would get what and made it fairer (and pimped some creatures) (aka removing the person who put in a newly recruited remains).

This year I am not involved at all, so cannot comment how fair the santa'ing is.

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Seriously? I'm not going to steal anybody's creatures.


You might say that now, but in a few days, weeks or months from now? As it stands right now, you have a list of CTC and ITC's that you could take whenever you felt like? Or even give to someone else to?


Perhaps you wouldn't, but I don't like the idea that you could take or distribute my gift out to whomever and whenever you like...I wouldn't have offered something if I'd thought this would be the case.


Why can't you hand them out as they were meant to be? Simply randomize the selection and whatever someone gets, they get?

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If the participants are okay with me randomly distributing the CTCs then that can be arranged. If participants would like that send me a forum pm with a number no larger than 100. I will use the numbers given to me by the participants to seed the random number generator. I plan on appending the numbers to one another in the order I receive them (i.e. if I receive the numbers "12", "42", and "69" together they would create the number "124269").

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