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Fry your brain!


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So, I have designed a new quest. This SHOULD melt your brain a little and also make your vision weak. I intend for this quest to haunt your nights until you solve it.






You need to solve 2 puzzles: one is a crossword and the other is "find the words". For each word you find in both puzzles, you get 1 point. In total you'll be able to get 133 point.


But there is a bonus round: if you manage to decipher it, you'll get 25 bonus points. But for this one you MUST complete it fully as there is no way to split the points.


So in total you can get 158 points.


1) Crosswords: you will find both MD characters as well as Christmas ones described by their tag or other means. Usually the tag predominates

2) Find the words: all words are MD related and they can be composed ones like " Gazeebo of Equilibrium". This one will make 1 (ONE) word and not 3. There are all sorts of words MD related so expect anything (anything = words that can be find in MD).





Soon. Hopefully tomorrow morning (my morning so around 9-10 ST) I will release it.

Deadline: 31st of Dec 00:00.


If you manage to solve it full, or so you think, you can submit it before. I will NOT tell you if you're right or wrong. The first submission will count so if you realize you got something wrong, you cannot correct it.


If deadline approaches and you haven't solved it fully, send me what you have. You'll be scored as well.


Send solution through forum.


In case of a tie, the one that sent the solution earlier, will win.




TBD (hopefully by the time the quest is released).



So, if you have any questions, ask them before the quest starts.


Good luck and prepare for the worse!

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1st place: WP (again, it's Christmas, let's be generous).

2nd place: Trio of spells: Acoustics, SendtoGazeebo, Earfocus

3rd place : 2 GCs


On top of that we'll have the Standard Christmas Points: 4-3-2.


And the quest HAS STARTED! Find the link below:



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There are NO short names (Shadowseeker will be Shadowseeker not SS), no abbreviations (Loreroot will be Lorerroot and not LL) and no nicknames (Grido will be Grido and not Greedo).

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Since I cannot spell, here's a free hint: Beserker should be Berserker :D. Now it's up to you to find out the rest.

Laby is spelled with I.

Gazebo is spelled with 2 "O"s so look for gazeboo.

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  • Root Admin

Rewards have been updated/changed:


1st place: WP (again, it's Christmas, let's be generous) + trio of spells

2nd place: WP (I took pity on your fried brains)

3rd place : Morph


A what? Morph? Dont know what that is ;)

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Update: you CAN submit parts of the quests like crosswords first, bonus second etc but there should be NO editing and the date/time of your last submission will count in case of a tie (so if you submit first part on 10th of December and last on 31st, 31st will count).

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4 people submitted solutions. 3 of them solved the bonus. 


The current scores are:


Aeo 144

Nimmy 140

Mago 137

Z 131+1

Amber 115




However, I'll post the excel sheet I have used (actually I'll post 2 versions: an ods file for the ones that don't use Microshift and an xls file).


For each player I created a sheet where I placed the words I considered "valid". In column A you'll find the correct words, second column (which letter may vary from player to player) contains almost all the words they submitted (some were really out of this world, thank you MaGo) and on the 3rd column you'll find the words that CAN have a connection to MD and with yellow the ones I considered correct.

Also, because of a mistake, there were 2 ShadeSentinels which 3 of you found and posted. Since some of you posted other duplicates which I removed, I will award Z an additional point for the SS.So at the moment he'll have 132 hence the +1.


Now, you check the attached files (ods is placed on my dropbox since storenow doesn't allow such files). Let me know if I missed anything or you think I should take into account other words from the ones I have validated.










Once we validate the scores, I'll announce the prizes. And I intend to change them (in a good way) because you really burned your eyes on the damn puzzles.



Post in this thread your concerns, "appeals" and whatever you want to contest.

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Ok, nobody had anything to say against (or for :D) so I will validate the results.


So we'll have:


Aeo 144   - 4 CPs

Nimmy 140  - 3 CPs

Mago 137 - 2 CPs

Z 131+1 - 1 CP

Amber 115 - 1 CP



Rewards: 2 WPs, 1 snow, Trio of spells: Acoustics, SendtoGazeebo, Earfocus, 5 credits pack.


1st will choose first, 2nd will choose from remaining and so on.

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