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My Defense Rituals Won't Activate


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So...for the past week or so I've been consistently spanked. Whenever I'm attacked my defense rituals never activate. I'm not a newb or anything, I know how to set a def ritual. Until last week they worked just fine. They have more than 301 vit, they've been set to defense, blah blah. It's as if I don't have any defense rituals. And I've set A LOT, its also not that they were attacked and I ran out. So...

Edit: They're working again today. I can't think of anything different that i've done today though.

Edit2: I spoke too quickly.... I had 4 defense rituals set up. The first one was activated and defeated. The second time I created a random defense, even though I still had 3 perfectly intact rituals. Going to the ritual screen, i'm told to unbind the first, lost, defense ritual. Makes sense, but then the other 3 are sitting there like they don't exist.

Full health all around...


By firbran

(I did some stuff before taking the screenshot. All of my rits still had 301+ vit)


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I seem to suffer the same problems as posted above (excludeing the edits).

Though I'm not sure about the above, I use single creature rituals almost exclusivly.

The posted health is a result of random rituals being created.

As this shows, none of them took effect.

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lol. i like the name of your creatures. i could use a therapist myself.

edit: my rit's have been working for the past couple hours...so I'm happy now. if whatever was happening is fixed, then :lol: . otherwise, i'll keep looking to see what the problem was.

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