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A Childish Christmas

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Its Christmas again and for many its a time of gifts and celebration, but the childish luster of Christmas gets lost to many over the years, people grow old and forget what it was like to be a child at Christmas, and this just wont do! not at all.
To Do: Draw an MD scene with those you consider to be your MD family (land friends, alliance, anyone that you feel the closest to, even your pet creatures!) and write Santa a letter telling him about the picture that you drew. but channel your inner child again and draw it in the most child like way that you can think of! Use crayon, draw big, scribble to your hearts content! Go wild, go crazy, but most of all, have fun, and be a kid again for just a little while this christmas.
Points will be awarded based on how childish the drawings are, and how childish the letter is, as separate pieces, to become a total score, overall feel and language used will be a factor as well, no grown up words allowed!
Entries should be non computer edited and contain MD player name in the photos of the letter and the drawing, (submit 1 photo for the letter and 1 for the drawing) and submitted to me via forum pm.
1st - 4 Christmas Points + Snowman
2nd - 3 Christmas Points + Santa
3rd - 2 Christmas Points + 1gc + Teleport PC stone + 5 Heat stones)
All other participants - 1 Christmas Point
Deadline: December 31st 23:59 ST
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quest judging was done by two people, one judge i would like to keep anonymous (not me) and the other was my mother, so that i could remain out of the judging process.
rating catagories: 
Picture: -Overall childish Appearance/feel (does it look like a child would draw this, or like this? how childish is it?) 
Letter: -Language and spelling (does it seem like something a child would write?) 
-Writing appearance (would a child write this way?)
picture/letter language/letter appearance
Aeoshattr  - 8/7/6.5 = 21.5
Aethon  - 8/8/8 = 24
dst - 8.5/7.5/7 = 24
Eagle Eye - 7/7.5/6 = 20.5
Kiley - 6.5/7/7 = 20.5
lashtal - 7.5/4.5/4 = 16
Morrighanna - 8/7/7 = 22
MRF - 9.5/8/8.5 = 26
Nimrodel - 7/5.5/5 = 18
MRF - 9.5/8/8.5  = 26
Aethon  - 8/8/8  = 24 
dst - 8.5/7.5/7  = 24 
Morrighanna - 8/7/7  = 22
Aeoshattr  - 8/7/6.5  = 21.5
Eagle Eye - 7/7.5/6  = 20.5
Kiley - 6.5/7/7  = 20.5
Nimrodel - 7/5.5/5  = 18
lashtal - 7.5/4.5/4  = 16
due to the tie in scores the rewards will be as follows:
mrf : snowman +4 points
dst: santa + 3 points
aethon: santa + 3points
morrighanna : 1gc + Teleport PC stone + 5 Heat stones + 2 points
every other participant will receive 1 christmas point
congratulations to the winners, and apologies for the delays, the prizes will be distributed shortly. 
Edited by Syrian
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edit: apparently my plan to prep 3 posts are add all at once was a fail and can only add 9 images per post, bear with me, they will all be put up in time.


Eagle Eye

















Morrighanna Amethyst








































Edited by Syrian
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I'ts been pointed out to me that there was a mistake in my calculations when i was averaging and totalling up the scores , namely dst's score, which should have been a total of 23 and not 24.  I'm still somewhat unsure of how things will go but the christmas points have been adjusted to reflect the mistake and correction of points. The corrected christmas points awarded are as follows:
MRF - 4 Points
Aethon - 3 Points
dst - 2 Points
Morrighanna Amethyst - 1 Point
Aeoshattr - 1 Point
Eagle Eye - 1 Point
Kiley - 1 Point
Lasthal - 1 Point
Nimrodel - 1 Point
i'm sorry about the mistake i made and it was far from intentional as there was discussions ongoing as to what to do about the tie break that could have been avoided if i had noticed the mistake, if there are any updates to be had regarding the situation i'll post them as they come, but for now this is the situation, apologies again for making a mess.
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  • Root Admin

As Aethon said, We dont mind and everyone makes mistakes. She sent it to Eara myself and Jaden and neither of us noticed the mistake so its not just Syrian.

We wont be changing the prizes given as its unfair to ask people to return them. Consider them an extra christmas gift.

Thank you Syrian for running the quest.

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