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Easy MP Chat Identifiers

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So, this might just be something that I would like because I'm lazy, but it would be nice to know which mp some is without having to click on them. Maybe, have different colors, or shades of orange, or sort them in order... I don't know. Otherwise I have to click on every name in willow's shop to know who I can and can't attack. Again, maybe it's just because i'm lazy :lol:

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You can tell what mp level a person is in by the yellow symbol by their name; a whole yellow cross is mp3, a black dot in the middle of a cross is mp4, and a single black dot under a yellow dot is mp5. Only the orange playernames can be fought; black means the player has moved to another area, and gray means that the player is offline. :o

I know some others know the symbols for mp1 and 6, but I don't think it matters too much.

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dont know about mp6, think it's just black dot at the top, but no mp6 atm anyway so...

mp1 is full black line rather than a dot, reserved for main rpc characters

admittedly it wasnt until a bit into mp4 that i realised all this, before hand i was oblivious and was like Firbran, just clicking through all the names that i saw until i came accross one i could fight, took far too long

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