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auction 4

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

(last one in this 'series')

an other functional tool, oh wait, not one, but three! again, sold only as a pack,

however don't get overexcited yet, for this one i am accepting only Top spender tickets. I have no idea what the equivalent in gold is for a ticket, or if anyone sells them, but if not, this auction is a good start.



Mouth Sewing Kit (mod tool, 58 uses left)

Independent Woodcutter's Axe (harvest branches, independed tool, Loreroot origin) - note to self, check settings

Water Bucket (independed tool) - note to self, check settings



Independent tools don't vanish from your inventory on shared item reset, they remain yours, and are your property to trade and do whatever. Settings might slightly differ from the shared item version


Auction ends ..one day,...some day, but not to far, when it becomes inactive for a couple of days. I will wait enough so you can trade the tickets, make their coin equivalent and so on.


You can also bid without having the tickets yet, but specify in how many days you will have them, assuming you know when you will trade for them


Note: i am not releasing new spender tickets in this period (idk what chew does, or if its automated already), so the shop is not a solution to get tickets right now, you will have to trade


because the weird currency i am asking does not have a clear coin equivalent as far as i am aware of, i reserve the right to close the auction without a winner if i consider the offer to low.


Enjoy, good luck bidding!


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  • Root Admin

i thought about it, but i think because it has limited use its fine....  plus having a mod item doesn't make you a mod in any way, in fact it can be used wisely or get in in a lot of trouble, eventually its up to you. Now that i think of it maybe that many uses is too much? I don't know...

I asked chew to review my auctioned items too, if he has nothing against it , and a good reason for 'why not' , i don't intend to change this auction. I think its a fun, risky, type of experiment.


ps. i BET i will be absolutely abused with this item once released :))

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  • Root Admin

just to clarify what i said, the tickets will continue to be given out on a regular basis (in fact somethign related to this will be announced shortly)...i was just saying that i will not give spender tickets in this period, not that i won't give them at all. Just needed to clarify this.

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