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A Prelude to A hunt - RICA Spinoff.

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Hey Guys!

While this is not an entire RICA quest, It’s a prologue of sorts to the next one named Pysanka. This was supposed to be released for Christmas but due to unforseen circumstances, it couldnt be :P So here it is.


Few things to note before you start this quest:

  1. Post your Names and Player Ids in this thread to register. Registrations End by Saturday Morning 9AM

  2. This is a race. First person to Finish it, wins the first place. Least Time taker Wins.

  3. The Winners will be announced after the first ten people complete the Quest or 31st of Jan, whichever comes first. So you don’t have forever to complete this Quest :

  4. From My side:

1st place:Choice from A wishpoint/ sendtoGOC stone/2g

2nd place:Choice from whichever is left

3rd Place: Remaining Prize.

All Participants who finish the Puzzle at The Willow's shop signpost will recieve 1sc. Except for the first three places ofc :P

    5. Note every little thing. I will not repeat things if you forget to take notes.

    6. This isn’t a very long quest like a regular RICA Quest. Good luck :)

7. Quest starts on 10th of Jan - Sunday at 9am ST.


There are a few people who will not be allowed to participate in this quest for the prizes due to unavoidable reasons. You know who you are.


MAJOR EDIT: After talking to my awesome coder, I have decided to turn it into a who completes the quest in the least time Sort of thingy. If two people finish it in the same time only then will the person who finished earlier will get the reward. I will get to know your starting and ending times in the quest and the option you chose.


BE VERY CAREFUL Regarding your choices. Think carefully before choosing. Any recklessness can get you eliminated in the first part of the quest and there are multiple options that can get you eliminated. There are also multiple options in the quest that will make you wait for more time than the other choices too. So plenty of Holes. So sound advice - Be an honest Gentleman/Lady :)




You are a retriever by profession and do petty to major retrieval jobs for earning your daily bread. Your most consistent customer is an organisation called RICA (Rare Item Collectors Asso.) which is known to send retrievers on dangerous jobs for items which are usually heard of in Grandma’s tales or read in dusty old books. The requisitions are always sent by a woman named *Nimrodel*. Getting further details about the RICA has been very very difficult if not impossible. On one fine sunday morning, the postman knocks at your door and delivers you a red envelope which bears a mild fragrance of roses. You immediately tear open the envelope and find a letter inside, a letter you’ve been waiting for.

Use 'Visit' Instead of "enter" Apologies for inconveniences.
Edited by Nimrodel
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