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Guard System


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I noticed that i've been missing something in MD that would in my opinon benefit the game.


A Guard System.


The reason i noticed it was because i wanted to prevent someone to get more losses and combine that with RP, if you want to RP to protect/guard someone (as in defend him/her from incoming attacks) it doesnt work.

So i thought it would be nice to have some sort of Guard System, it could work like that:


1) Player A wants to guard/protect player B.

2) Player A clicks the protect option (this could be either like adding a friend or like choosing a protector with textfield).

3) Player B gets a notification to agree or decline the guarding offer.

4a) Player B declines and nothing happens.

4b) Player B accepts and all incoming fights get for Player B get redirected to Player A.


This is pretty convenient and could be abused if you could "guard" an unlimited amount of players, so it would have some restrictions, this could be like:


Player B can only be guarded by 1 Player at a time.

You can protect 1 Player, for every 10k of Att or Def Player A can additionally guard 1 more Player.

Player B has to agree to being guarded. (So if Player B is grinding negative stats, Player A cant sabotage it).

Player B can always withdraw/cancel being guarded, without agreement of Player A.


with both mentioned regulations active Player A cant abuse the system to get more incoming fight to farm more wins.



Lintara helped me by finding restrictions for it.



i ask hereby for constructive criticism :D


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There is a spell called guardianarmy that has the same concept you are speaking of (albeit with no restrictions, and with no 'permission'). Implementation of this idea would make that spell null, really, especially because the spell (worth a WP) lasts 8 minutes whereas this 'free option' will apparently last much longer.


Edit: I know its not the exact same thing but you get what I mean. 

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I know guardian army, this would be on a much smaller scale, and more specific, if you fear guardian army would get devalued it could also be a special feature


Also i forgot to mention that Player B (the protected) doesnt get the wins, it is more like a shield for player B except that the fights get redirected to player A (as if player A throws himself/herself between the Attacker and the guarded player)

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There is a spell called guardianarmy that does the same thing you are speaking of (albeit with no restrictions, and with no 'permission'). Implementation of this idea would make that spell null, really, especially because the spell (worth a WP) lasts 8 minutes whereas this 'free option' will apparently last much longer. 


Guardian army only works on outgoing attacks, not incoming.


If the spell is supposed to guard on defence, then the spell should be fixed for that. If the spell is supposed to guard on offense then no, this idea would not make the spell void.


As for the guard option, I feel it should only be based as a spell and not be dependent on stats. I can see too many different types of abuses coming from this; an example would be a player could become immune and still gain from it. Guardian army allows the target to attack with a more power, but also stops the target from gaining the rewards. It is a pro/con balancing scenario.


I also think that it could be abused in fighting competitions such as heads (if it were ever to reappear), TC or other such competitions.


In short: I think the idea is alright, but it should be done as a WP spell  -- or have guardian army clarified as to a defensive or offensive spell and then work from there.


Edit: Didn't see your post added as I was replying.

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what about fights with causes

lets say the kill one from eons contract

if i were to attack you with the intention to kill it would then result in the death of the guardian, whereas with normal tools the original target would be killed

people would also become immune to landcleansers, needles, ... (not that these tools are useful for now but hypotheticly speaking)

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I don't think you want people in MD to be "part-time" fighters. Either you are able to defend yourself (which simply means coming up with some defense rituals that work), either you don't fight at all ("kill" your crits or sacc them or don't care about what happens to them at all). You don't ask someone to take your fights, then jump in when you feel like it (or attack others, but let someone guard you - that sounds like bullying).


Plus, there is the idea of a protector in the game...perhaps your idea can be discussed as an option for a protector? (I wouldn't call the idea bad, but it needs some twists, because of what I wrote above about "part-time fighters")

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This is the description for Guardian Army:


Guardian Army Spell (+4)
Allows you to use your army to guard an other character for a limited time. When that character will be attacked, the attacker will fight you instead. Good for roleplay but but also for practical use. It might have unexplored results under special situations. It will grant 4 casts, regenerable every two weeks, or increase maximum cast number by 4 if you allready have the spell. 


I think the best course of action is to get the existing spell "fixed" to it it's original description, as currently the they aren't guarded, they're given the creatures when attacking.

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