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Angien summit


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The idea of creating a MD board game just came to me a couple of days ago, so I started working on it. Everything seemed to be in place, soon it was testing time, but then I got this awful cold (that hasn't passed yet) and I had to stop.


Now, I would do the testing and present you the final version, but I'm not feeling so well atm; at the same time, I can't get this little game out of my head...so I'm throwing it here as it is and, if it's any good, maybe somebody will add the finishing touches. I like the way it looks, but in terms of game mechanics, a bunch of things can go wrong and also, there needs to be excitement when playing, I don't know if what I made delivers.



First of all, the board is this one:




There are a few artworks there and the ones that matter are:

Angien: There is one angien on the board. The purpose of any player is to reach the angien. Whoever has the most heat when reaching the angien wins. The maximum heat one can accumulate is 4400.

Shade army: Just as there is one angien, there is one shade army. However, the army has 4 shade sentinels, each occupying the center of the 'bases'. The sentinels split into 4 shades each, as shown into the bottom base square, at the beginning of the second round (if you are on a black tile at the beginning of the second round, you will be attacked by a shade). The four new shades split again at the beginning of the third round, when they effectively occupy all the black tiles of the base(s).

Aramors: They represent the player. On this particular board, there are 5 aramors, meaning 5 players. Maximum number of players allowed on a board is 8. They start on the yellow tiles at the bottom.

Some game mechanics:

The "center" of the board is the uplands. There are no black and yellow tiles there and it's where the battles between players take place. The surrounding squares are 'bases' where only battles with shades are allowed.

Battles are fought with a dice. Battling a shade means choosing 'odd' or 'even' and throwing the dice. If you guess it, you won. Battling a player means each choose 'odd' or 'even' and then someone throws the dice. Again, who guesses it, wins. If they chose the same and both won, it is repeated (with no more heat gained) until one wins. If they both lost, heat gained is 100 for each. There is no battles between players in the base.

Heat gain: heat comes from moving on the yellow tiles in your base (100 heat per each); there is no heat gain from moving on the tiles in the uplands. The other way of getting heat is through battles - attacking gives 100 heat, defending also gives 100 heat, but whoever wins gets an extra 50 heat (same applies to shades, but the penalty for losing is staying the next turn, though you get 100 heat and the AP is regenerated, so you'll have 2 AP when you get to move).

Action points: action points are regenerated 1 per turn and you start with one(more players means the starting AP can be increased). You can only move forward, in diagonal or sideways, not backwards. Also, once you moved on a black tile, you can only move on those the next turns, until you reach the uplands (meaning you *have* to battle all shades). The uplands have different action points requirement - to move from the 3rd circle to the 2nd you need 2 AP and to reach the angien from the 2nd circle you need 3 AP. Also, a small exception here - when moving upwards (not sideways or in diagonal) in the uplands, you do get 100 heat per move.

Because of the lack of interaction between players when 2 or 3 or 4 are playing, maybe adding leashes would work.

A leash is obtained if you defeat a Shade sentinel on the second round and can be used to summon a player to your position in your base.



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