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Adventure Log corrector


Is the text good the way it is?  

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Well, I'd like to ask whether there is such a position and if not who would do it? It's kinda annoying me to see a lot of mistakes in there..which a good story just shouldn't have.

Some examples:

Page 117 [2008-07-06 01:08:09]

The Shade Ballance - Alc.

Alche reaches a bridge just before Mount Kelle'tha. A storm is comming so he decied to take shelter and continue his jurney tomorow.

tomorrow perhaps?

Page 116 [2008-07-06 01:06:13]

The Shade Ballance - Kh.

"It is a SHADE!!" All scream in panic and hide behind Khalazdad. "We come in peace!" sais Khalazdad a bit unsure on his words.

says is what I'd write.

"Peace..hahhahaa..that will be your doom, human, you need WAR to survive, peace with the shades will only make you more...faded". confused by what the shade said, Khal tries to find out more and als learn more about the shades.

Confused by what...


Page 115 [2008-07-05 04:03:47]

The Shade Ballance - Kh.

Suddenly, Khalazdad started to divide into many collors and slowly he vanished away, Some of the people in front of the Howling Gates started to disolve into collored lights too, following Khalazdad into Necrovion.

Color, so the right term is colored. And dissolve is spelled with two s.

Just a few mistakes I found recently. I think someone should fix that. And if someone works on that please tell him to pm me ingame/here, since it's not only those mistakes.

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I believe this falls under the same category as correcting the grammar/spelling in the story mode, and there are several threads created about this already. The answer remains that Manu simply doesn't have the time to deal with correcting these and having someone else do it would mean they would need access to the server and would have to be COMPLETELY trusted. Thus, we are patient and try to decode what the occasional errors are. They may not all be spelled correctly, but I can understand it just fine.

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the point is you would still have complete access to whatever text files for the game there are, which there are many many of, you could then write whatever you like in them offensive/propaganda whatever, so manu would need to self check any page that has been edited before posting it back onto MD, this takes time which could be better spent on making the game as a whole better, we live with the slight errors here an there cos we can live with them and they make little difference, this is why if it were to be done manu would have to fully trust the person, and that it's not likely to happen soon

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I'm not voting since I posted an edit of the adventure log (and sent a cleaner version to Manu).

I don't care if my edit gets used. I do not want to create more work for anyone; the intent of my edits was the reverse.

Is the game playable as it is? Certainly. It is that and more: it is genius.

Does it look professional? No. The text is too garbled. The beautiful artwork, the marvelous interface, the superior coding... I can and do appreciate these things. If MagicDuel is to attract a wider audience, however, the English text is going to have to be corrected sooner or later.

I want MagicDuel to take over the world. I am prepared to do quite a lot of work to help it attain that goal. The phrase "wasted effort" is not in my vocabulary.

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