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Land favors (a land loyalty alternative)


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In my opinion there are two major issues with land loyalty, both as it is now as well as how it used to be, namely that by only taking into account time it doesn't really mean much and that it is impossible for new players to catch up to old players due to the constant inflow of new loyalty without any outflow. Therefore I would like to propose the concept of land favors.


The idea is quite simple, just like land loyalty citizens get one favor point a day, but unlike land loyalty they are expendable and can be traded. To prevent abuse I would suggest requiring players to have at least a minimum amount of favors before being able to give favors away (or if you prefer in game arguments, the land needs to be sure you're loyal before trusting your recommendations.)


The trading part is simple, if you have at least an X amount of favors (say 250) you are able to give away any excess points in any quantity you want as quest rewards, political pacts, back alley deals, attempted takeovers and much more.


Then land favors should be usable at the capital for certain land related features. For example:


Feature (cost):

  • Start citizen vote for self (5)
  • Start remove citizen vote (50)
  • Immediately become citizen (200)
  • Remove citizen (The to be removed citizen's favors)




Old loyalty system, but you can spend loyalty on stuff and you can trade it.

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I love this!
I can see "LandFavors" being used in the Treasuries, by the monarchs, and others (essentially, like a Fenth Resource, for Action!)

It follows the "self-empowered" concept that the new Land Loyalty implies, where you work for your score, and Citizenship offers an additional Benefit, beyond simple "score".
Would make for quite the diverse intereaction, and the ever-looming Threat of a coup as vets accumulate points. So, potential for good and bad!

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  • Root Admin

i see a great potential for abuse in this, if you are allowed to give away such points. Its true new players don't have a chance to surpass older players in this , but i don't think this is the way to look at this. Same like with active days, older players might start to become inactive while new players could be very active. It also depends a lot if you are trying to get higher score in a land or not, someone getting +3 will get them 3 times faster that one that gets +1 regardless of age, so there is a fair way to prove their "loyalty"

This score matters when you want to get access to different powerful tools, and for that, being an older player means you are more suitable for this than a new one.

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