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Queen of Sheba - MD Bday Quest

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Happy 11th MD Bday!

I bet a few of you must remember the Queen of Sheba from Last year? Well the Haughty good for nothing arrogant queen will be back this year too! With all her money as well! For those who haven't participated in this quest before:

Nimmy will be the Queen of Sheba for one day and will have certain demands involving the brain and the Brawn! The date is on 16th of April all over the day!

Winner of each random event will be given a small reward ranging from silver to an item from my inventory to a crit etc etc and the winner of a certain number of random events will get something special! ;)


Individual tasks will have individual rewards which I will be giving out from my inventory. Apart from that, here are the bonus rewards:


Any Person Winning 3 or more than 3 events: Sharptear
Any person winning 5 or more than 5 events: Sharptear + Jewel of Sheba (sponsored by TKs) (unusable unique item.)
Any person Winning 7 or more than 7 events : Sharptear + Aged Rustgold (sponsored by TKs) + Jewel of Sheba Item.
Any person winning all The Events:  Sharp tear + Aged Rustgold + Jewel of sheba Item + Wishpoint.


I'll be giving out the wishpoint and sharptears from my own stock :) 


More sponsors are also welcome. :D




All people who complete a task win 1 point.

Winning 3-4 tasks : 2 points

Winning 5-6 tasks: 3 points

Winning 7 or more tasks : 4 points


Task 1: Gift the Queen a bouquet of flowers (5 or more flowers will suffice) - completed by lintara - 4 crystals + 1 gc + 1 Black rose

~random RP event~ Silver to a bunch of participants and 11th anni achievements.

Task 2: Recite a poem about the Queen's awesomeness and post it on the forum within 30 minutes. THe best piece wins. - winner - Phantasm (1 gold) Complimentary rewards: Aeoshattr (mech. heart) Aranna (mech. Heart)

Task 3: Make the Queen a fresh cup of aromatic tea - Aranna - Teleport to PC stone, Complimentary: Magohi & Mallos 3 sc each.

Task 4: Solve a crossword puzzle.  - Magohi rewarded a send to GoC stone.

Task 5. Fetch me a fresh heretic Archer with zero age and 50 wins. - Magohi - wiiya bubble

Task 6- Recite a horror story - gory horror story - Aeoshattr Attack lock stone (due to incredibly low competition)

Task 7 - Give the Queen 10 Heat stones to make her feel warm - Magohi - 1gc + 1 attack Lock stone + 1 Move lock Stone + 1 empty Box

Task 8 - Draw the Queen a necklace made out of Golemus Jewels  - dst - 7 Rare metals, *Nimrodel* 's autograph

Task 9 - Solve the Word Search (vs2) the Queen recieved from Her *coughs* friend King Solomon - dst - 1g

Task 10 -  Enter Necrovion. Take a screenshot with time and date. Come out alive. - 1 TST reward. - dst

Lintara - 1 win - 1 wookie point

Phantasm - 1 win - 1 wookie point

Aranna - 1 win - 1 wookie point

Magohi - 3 wins - will recieve an extra Sharp tear + 2 wookie points

Aeoshattr - 1 Win - 1 wookie point

dst - 3 wins - will recieve an extra sharp tear + 2 wookie Points


All the gold and six silver was sponsored by the tks :) thank you tks

Edited by Nimrodel
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Nimmy oh Nimmy the Goddess of Love
 A heavenly being sent down from above
One look at her face and you will fall to your knees
 For her eyes unlock your soul like keys
 Hold onto your every breath when she is around
Blow your trumpets and make the sound
The sound of horns will raise your ears
 Queen Sheba will forever ease your fears
 Nimmy oh Nimmy never leave our grace,
 SO that forever we may look upon your face
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Requested gore:

You may or may not want to read this depending on how squeamish you are.


"Now, now, don't cry... You're ugly when you cry." he told her. "We don't want that face getting stuck like that, do we now?" 

It was dark and damp; no one could tell how much time has passed. Her whole world had been reduced to the gnarly wood table she had been bound to; nothing existed beyond it, other than a dark haze that she could never quite see through and... Him. He came by and left. Sometimes often. Sometimes it felt like he had forgotten. 

"Did you lose your teddy bear, love?" 

She had. She dropped it a few days ago. It wasn't far... but beyond the table. Beyond her world, never to be hers again. "You know what momma told me, that I'll find a good bride for me, one day. I think I did, love- STOP CRYING." he spat, hitting her across the face with the pommel of his carving knife. "Gotta change that face of yours love. See, now it's stuck like this..." he breathed in a mortifying tone, his face leaning over hers and the cold, sharp edge of his knife grazing her jaw. She didn't even look human anymore, her face was bruised, swollen and purple from the beating. And teddy was gone. 

"It'll only hurt a little bit... But you'll be a good girl, won't you?" The carving knife cut into the skin on her jaw, the pointed tip pushing under the skin and starting to lift it off. He was clumsy with it, it wasn't a clean cut. Just gash after gash, on the same flesh; blood and screams poured out. Her little ankles and wrists were white, but the leather restraints were stronger. 

Teddy was now scarlet red. Bit by bit, the flesh tore loose. It hurt so much, it didn't. Her own face was being dangled in front of her, but she couldn't see anymore. She didn't want to see anymore; when he spoke, she was gone. Faceless, limp and bloodied. "See how ugly crying made you? Ain't no fixing it now." he spat and hung the warped skin flap on a meathook.

" 'least it was prettier than your sister's." 


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The story of Dyster Messer and Jaqueline Repierson, murderers both.

He a the Hitler of his time, her Jack the Ripper. All she wanted was for him to watch her and smile as she killed in his name.

All he wanted was for redemption for them both. It started with blood it ends with blood, their love only truly materialising upon their deaths after she slices both their throats.

(Stupid synopsis is stupid -.- I'm going to include a snippet, there is gore, forgive me, it is the very first paragraph and I never get those right)

(Gore) - Snippet - Jaqueline.docx

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