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Selling Wiiya Bubble

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There aren't many Wiiya Bubbles floating around and lots of people have asked me if I'm ever going to sell a Wiiya Bubble. For the longest amount of time the answer to that question was a coldhearted no, but I'm willing to make a special exception for the MD Birthday and have decided to auction off a Wiiya Bubble.


  1. Send your bids to me via ForumPM
  2. The Wiiya Bubble will go to the lowest bidder
  3. One bid per person


Obviously this isn't an ordinary auction so I'm going to post a little bit of criteria on how your bids will be scored...

  • Creativity: How interesting is your bid?
  • Compression: How much can you offer with fewer words?
  • Deliverability: How easily can you actually give me payment for the Wiiya Bubble inside of MD?


The Auction House is open until the beginning of the MDA Day (April 23). Make sure to send your bids in before then!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry about the delay. Roundworld stuff kept me away for a while but I found time to pop in for a short bit. I'm here to post the results!

The way judging worked is each judge rated the entries 1-10 in each of the three categories and then I summed up the total scores for each participant. The scores are (in alphabetical order by playername) as follows:

Ivorak: 74

Junior: 63

lashtal: 67

Ledah: 53

Nadrolski: 54

zoolii: 53

Congratulations to Ivorak on having the lowest bid! Contact me via ForumPM so that we can arrange payment.

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[log We have one satisfied customer!]

: Rophs drums his fingers on the lighthouse's brick entrance as he plays with a Wiiya Bubble with his other hand
Ivorak: Hello Rophs
Rophs: *grins at Ivorak* Hello Ivorak.
Rophs: I think you know what I want from you. *giggles*
: Ivorak nods
: Rophs crosses his arms showing that he is serious business and NOT on the verge of breaking into laughter
: Ivorak Ivorak begins dancing a jig
Rophs: *strokes his nutty chin* Oh my, how you manage to please this nut.
: Ivorak prances about, speeding up the dance
: Rophs passed Wiiya Bubble to Ivorak
Rophs: *laughs* I hope you enjoy the bubble as much as I am enjoying the jig!
: Ivorak ends the dance with a final skip and hop
: Ivorak takes a bow
Rophs: *scratches his nutty chin* Interesting choice. You strayed from the standard hop, skip jump.
Ivorak: I hope you enjoyed it. It's so...undignified...
Rophs: *nods and licks a mysterious dust from his fingers* A risk well taken.
: Rophs squeals with joy and runs off leaving a Wiiya Bubble behind him




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