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MB-style! Reality check

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     Let us imagine...tiny men exist. Moreover, they don't deal with drachorns, but instead, they came to your house and offered their help. The pay? Your soul...Nah, their pay is homage to the tiny men for three days in a row. Now, what can they help with?

   You have them for one day and they would do everything you want done in your room/house. Whatever you want done, but don't feel like it, whatever you want to improve. They will paint the walls, add new furniture, replace windows, clean the toilet, study for you, create a clone of you which plays MD 24/7, do your haircut and teach you pickup lines, anything you can think of - for one day.

Write a list of what you want (bulleted or normal text) to have done for one day. Best entries get prizes.
Don't forget to pay homage or whatever you got done from tiny men will bring a curse upon you!!


Rewards go to the most interesting/fun entries and are as follows: 1 gc 10s for the best entry, 15 silver for the second place, 10 for the third, courtesy of the TK. Methinks there are wookie points as well...Don't hurry up with your submission, think carefully, otherwise you'll be wasting a nice dream - you have until Sunday 00:00 to post your entry (one entry per man/woman/creature) HERE.

Forum popularity will be taken into consideration.

(I might need judges, but for now I need participants)

P.S. any other details I might have overlooked because of the hour, ask here

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Here is a short list of what they would do for me (I may expand on ideas later on):

  • Act as my garden gnomes - I'd get many of them to simply dress as gnomes and stand in my garden, ordered to chase strangers and animals away, snarling and baring teeth all the while!
  • Treat me like Snow White - As some of you may know, I'm a princess at heart. Because of this I wish to live the life of a...uh...dishevelled...princess for the day! I'd name them all after the 7 dwarves, get them to do some mining for me (in my a'hole of a neighbor's garden) and then come home and sing random songs till my heart is content!
  • Play tiny man jousting - I'd order them to set up a jousting arena and watching stand in my garden before having them straddle one another's shoulders to take part in the first ever Tiny Man Jousting Competition!
  • Eat my leftovers - My house mate makes bad food 90% of the time. This explains itself...
  • Do my work for me - I'd get the to stack on top of one another, dress in my clothes and then send one group off to uni and another off to work. That way, I can kill two birds with one stone! (Not that I'd really do that because that's just cruel...)
  • Give a damn when someone tells me a boring story...- The amount of times I get people (especially at work) telling me their life stories and I just couldn't give one ounce of a damn...well...my Tiny men could do this for me! They could sit there, listening to evrery word, encaptured by the story!...Whilst I sit there listening to music and not caring. Bliss...

That's all for now! :D

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  • Remove the pests. Oh for the love of anything good, anything that gets rid of the mice and bed bugs and spiders deserves fresh cookies or cake or whatever.
  • If they sealed up the holes that the pests came through too? They would be rockstars and saints!

Honestly, anything else I can take care of if they free the house from stuff that messes up glorious sleep. Though it would be awesome if they also

  • Gave me a manicure/pedicure. Because why not have a little bit of pampering?
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  • I'd sit an eat as much fatty and oily food as i can and make them do the cardio on the treadmill in my place.
  • I'd send my Mum on a world tour so that she can stop nagging me about not working at home and put them to work in her place. (>:))
  • I'd make them carry me in a palaquin to work because My feet hurt climbing stairs up and down everyday.
  • I'd make them create a wonka land where i can swim in chocolate and pluck sweets candy out of trees and grass
  • I'd make them work for my Mother - in - law too and send her away on a world tour (>:))
  • Hack people's computers during trivia Quests
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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, I have the results! Now, keep in mind this was a hard to judge quest, and all judges liked one thing or another, even though they had to take into account specific things (like effort, thought given etc). 

The Winner is...AmberRune! (her wishes were genuine and impressed the judges).

Next up is Aethon, while third place goes to Nimrodel.

(sry, Mago :(, I guess they didn't relate to that server hacking in order to get bacon; I don't know why)



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