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Make your own LR Creature and Lore

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The forest of Loreroot is home to many kinds of creatures and who knows what creatures may lurk deep within the thickets. For this quest, draw a Loreroot-themed creature in its different stages, write a description for them and post it on the forum.





It has to be your own work. ( so no creatures already existing in MD)

The pictures are drawn by hand, preferably.





1st: 3 gc + GG drach + 4 wookie points
2nd: 2 gc + angien + 3 wookie points
3rd: 1 gc + 2 wookie point
Others 1 wookie point for participating


Quest will be open until the end of the festival.


The results are

1st place: Aeoshattr, 3 gc + GG drach + 4 wookie points
2nd place: dst, 2 gc + angien + 3 wookie points
3rd place: Jubaris, 1 gc + 2 wookie point

Edited by Lintara
Results are up!
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My LR Creature (which I must say I adore...because well...because it's MINE :P). Oh yes and what's a drawing without GLITTER!




A spore. A pretty one that might prove quite deadly once germinated.


The spore evolved into a still sleepy creature. Beware as it might be poisonous.


Fully developed Shru now turned into a fierce creature. Don't be fooled by the apparent sleepiness.

Edited by dst
FFS! Instead of deadly I put deadline! Work must be killed! With FIRE!
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Hi. The new forum is positively crazy when uploading pictures. So... sorry. You're getting links.


Nympha (lvl 1)

Strange creatures roaming the forest only during the night, desperately incomplete and searching to find their balance. Lonely Nymphas are rumoured to slowly turn to wood, constantly growing leaves and branches, until they find their own balance.


Nymphadora (lvl 2)

Once a Nympha finds a trace of death, she begins to nurture it with her own life in order to find her balance, becoming a Nymphadora. In this stage, she is no longer a single being, and the older she grows, the more resistant she becomes to outside influence.


Equinox (lvl 3)

The final stage of a Nympha's life is Equinox; once their inner balance is found, Equinox becomes nearly impervious to the outer world, being able to shift their inner balance in order to adapt. Equinox can be tremendous equalising force which may sometimes work against their master.

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Heads up, I suck at drawing, but I tried to visualize its meaning and hopefully the creature will make sense.

The thing this creature is all about is protection, it is not expansive, it's just about its own little world, it stands firm and will guard it with everything at its disposal. 

1st level - Pet rock: http://storenow.net/download/6047bcecf5ae0d018196e35f15ccdda3/1.jpg

- (no description at the moment, kind of self-explaining; under consideration: copy pasting the item description of the pet rock item)

2nd level - Pet rocks: http://storenow.net/download/e585b59d6e34bbe3555171b51f6adaf7/2.jpg

A pile of rocks. Weeds grew around them, bugs patrol the area, this is turning into an ecosystem. The love of the pet rocks' master gives identity to this group.

3rd level - Rock elemental: http://storenow.net/download/96cd1ba68f67145a78964bbbe70019d2/3.jpg

It's becoming self aware! It cannot really move, but it doesn't want to anyway. Ill-intended should keep away.

4th level - Earth elemental: http://storenow.net/download/f96fb6ade9d2965e96bc6fa799be8a47/4.jpg

 Mud, clay, stone, bushes. Who can stop the strength of nature itself?

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