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The Seekers of Enlightenment

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The shades have been sought, and discovered. It occurred to chewett and myself that we need to know more about the opposition, the Angiens. From this alone, we can hypothesize that the shades are either lying or not giving the entire truth. They tell us that they reflect our desires to balance the light. But, the Angiens are the actual light that oppose the shades' darkness, which means that humans are actually the gray area (which makes the most sense because our own selves can denote whether we are dark or light). Thus, perhaps the shades balance by reflecting only negative emotions and doings, like a black mirror, and the Angiens do the opposite: reflect our positive emotions and actions.

Now, we do not have that much solid information about the Angiens. We know that they are the natural enemies of the shades. The ancient city of the Angiens existed between Marind's Bell and MDA Lands. We do not know if it still exists, but we hope it does. From the Legends, the Angiens also swore eternal allegiance to "all true hearts" such as Wind's. They also helped build Marind's Bell up from Wind's portion of the Chaos Woods.

Thus, we went around taking screen caps and examining the couplets associated with the various scenes, including out to the Fenths Wielder and Champion's Dome. The most intriguing scene was that of the Passage of War, which says "how awfully still is this ancient place, guarded by ones that don't have a face." Thinking perhaps this connected to the Way of Cleansing in Necrovion, I requested that Glai investigate, but the scene there definitely has faces. (In fact I now think they may be Dark Sages...) We began to hypothesize that the faceless beings were Angiens.

The original conception of Marind's Bell was that it would be a Stronghold for the Berserkers, but Marind appeared to Wind in a vision and begged him to not fight and make it a "safe haven for all those of kind hearts who needed a home." Wind's ideas of peace and order are what caused him to befriend the Angiens and receive their allegiance. If the Angiens helped him to construct the park for a safe haven against shades, it makes sense that in their swearing of allegiance, the Angiens decided to stay and guard the city from the shades. **This bit is very open to controversy because my talk with the Knator Commander tells me that the shades are/were in Marind's Bell. However, that could be either misinformation on the KC's part, or that the shades were once there and Angiens forced them back out.**

Continuing on, Marind's Bell references to divine beings. At the park, the couplet speaks of a "divine song you know is real." The Wind's Sanctuary, which we know was completely constructed by the Angiens, says "The Sentinels of Forgotten Time, Forever guard Marind's chime." We also know from the legends that Wind associated "bell" with both the park and Marind, but why is a mystery. Perhaps, Marind was also some divine being, or part divine, and a certain divine chime had something to do with her. Thus, her spirit remains and helps for the good of Marind's Bell. That could also explain why Marind is so often mentioned with the shades. She could be one of the divine beings of good, and they are threatened in some way by her existence.

Following Wind's death, Jack Willow became king. After his departure, the legends tell us that he was irreplaceable as a leader. During the war with the dark sages, he gained the title of "'Fortune's son' for he was the only Berserker ever to venture head first into battle and never receive a scratch. Actually, except his childhood scars which also healed in time, Willow never had a mark on his body." He was the designer of all Wind's armor and weapons, and even though they were all ordered destroyed by Wind when they gave up the way of the warrior, he was still a friend to Wind. On top of all of this, he went into the House of Liquid Dust and disappeared. First of all, it's amazing that he found a way in. What if Jack Willow was some sort of Angien as well? He obviously has a perfect body, which is often associated with holy divine beings, "angels" if you will. And he has a bottomless pool of forgiveness for Wind as his friend and brother. And, he had a way to get into the House of Liquid Dust, possibly to fight with the shades on some long standing campaign. I say long standing campaign, because there is a third line at the Wind's Sanctuary. The Sentinels "wait for their true king to come." What if Willows is the King of the Angiens, and will return at a later time when Necrovion has healed itself and is ready to launch another full scale war? What if, he's lying in wait to return with the Angiens to defend Marind's Bell and perhaps Marind herself? **I want to personally thank Faraday here. He pointed out a few things to me and I instantly jumped to where I thought he was leading, although I am still waiting to hear more on his theories, so this may expand.**

When we initially started trying to find the Angiens, we believed we could find them at the Angien Shrine by traveling from the Angien's Ferry. The Ferry has a couplet that says "Take the boat and cross the ferry, but beware the water fairy." We believed this to be some sort of test. The Angien's swore allegiance to all true hearts, so perhaps the water fairy is a guardian that prevents others from reaching the shrine. It does not have to be violent. As a test of pure heart, a fairy could have a simple question that only a pure heart could answer correctly. There was a great deal of speculation about the shrine. Was it the ancient city? Why did it look like an egg? Did the egg represent anything? Many theories were created. The ancient city may connect to the shrine; there may be some great evil concealed in side for eternity; the egg may symbolize life and new ideals to remind MB of its peace; and many more. Combining my ideas about light and water fairy, I thought it was most likely to represent life, and the ability to continue life, as well as to remember the deeds of past life. I thought this because light and water both are often associated with life and healing. New birth certainly signifies life, and can symbolize racial healing through progress in time.

But, by a little bit of digging around, I discovered that Angiens are actually born from eggs! With this new revelation, an entire new theory evolved in my mind. Perhaps the shrine is not the city at all, but an ancient, holy birthing ground for the Angiens. In terms of our Magic Duel world, I believe this could possibly be a Recruitment Area. **Again, very open to conflict. The Knator Commander told me that the Angiens were wild and untameable as creatures we can use in our armies like the aramors. However, who is to say they cannot be tamed if obtained at birth? I do not necessarily seek this route, just thought I should point it out.**

GRANDGHOST proposes the theory that, given by information provided above, the Angiens may return to protect the land from the shades when they come once more. I however think it is more likely that the Angiens are waiting "in the shadows" so to speak. Like gods, watching from a distance and helping only when it is needed. That is, until their king returns. Which I already put forth as a possible Jack Willows.

We seek to find more information about the Angiens. We wish to know what they are; how they came to be; what their role is in our world; how they react to the shades; what their connection to humans are; what they may know about marind and/or jack willow; how they interact; what sort of background do they have; how do they balance the shades trying to balance them. We want to know anything we can about them, hence being the Seekers of Enlightenment. (yes, the pun was intended)

Thus far the mission is two fold. Many of us seek scholarly knowledge about the Angiens. Many of us also seek their aid against the recent "uprising" of shades. I'm sure there are various other reasons in between the lines, but I have not taken the time to notice them yet.

If you have any theories or information that can be presented, please bring it forth. chewett and myself are very eager to see what you have to offer. On top of that, many of our other Seekers of Enlightenment would like to express their own opinions on the matter. :)

A few of the key helpers I especially noticed in this investigation, if you're wondering: Faraday, Shadowseeker, Sol, Tremir, kempiniukas, Juni0r, and Glaistig.

I would also like to personally thank Aiedail. He (She? :s) gave me the initial push that suggested we search the buildings and city to see what connections we could make to learn more about the Angiens.

Oh! I forgot to mention, we also thought that we may be able to learn something about the Angiens from the Sages if anyone has a way to contact them.

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In necrovion stands the house of tainted times..

"The building of forgotten times still rings it silent chimes"

Maybe that devine chime (Marind's Bell) lies here,

To quote you story :

"Perhaps, Marind was also some divine being, or part divine, and a certain divine chime had something to do with her. Thus, her spirit remains and helps for the good of Marind's Bell."

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I would like to change the connotation of "divine" here. Divine certainly insinuates a greater being, a god of some sort, if you will. But it can also be dark divinity with light divinity. There may well be a dark reflection of marind's chime inside of that black mirror that is Necrovion.

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I think it's important to learn more about the angiens too, but one thing bothers me. A lot of people have made the presumption that because they are the enemies of the shades that they would be friendly to us. Bears and sharks don't like each other, but both would take a bite of humans if pressed.

I think this is a very interest venue of exploration, but I think that we should be prepared for the possibility that angiens may be a very real threat.

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The Angiens are the enemies of shades, this much I know. There is no guarantee that they will help us. They may only help when there is someone who fits the description of Wind, and that seeks their help. Otherwise, they may still try to protect themselves, but not necessarily us. That is the reason for seeking their aid. If we don't look for them, they may not even try to help us at all.

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Hey renavoid can u put my name on the helper list i want to be a helper too man AND WE CAN CALL THE ANGIENS..... Majestic Protectors of PEACE AND ORDER! buts thats up 2 u

Thats what they should be called these legendary beasts that what they are anyway well what they do!

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"I think it's important to learn more about the angiens too, but one thing bothers me. A lot of people have made the presumption that because they are the enemies of the shades that they would be friendly to us. Bears and sharks don't like each other, but both would take a bite of humans if pressed.

I think this is a very interest venue of exploration, but I think that we should be prepared for the possibility that angiens may be a very real threat. "

Hmm... A possibility.

You know the Ying and Yang symbol right? Since the Angiens are the opposite of the shades, when together, the two sides are balanced I guess. Since there is a balance, there wouldn't be war and conflict.

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Over the past day I have started to accumulate more ideas and theories about the Angiens from things around the MD globe just as we did before.

Firstly, I would like to say that I am swiftly coming to the conclusion that the Angiens may not actually help us. Or rather, they do not seek to protect us. It is more likely that they are protecting themselves and the land where they live until their king returns as the wind's sanctuary's couplet suggests.

A new scene that Juni0r discovered was the Tunnel of War. Again the reference was made about the faceless ones. The couplet says "The ones without a face still stop us to charge the ones that once defied us." We know from the legends that Necrovion did indeed launch an attack on Marind's Bell but they were thwarted or "defied." It was brought up by Glaistig that we do not necessarily know that the faceless beings are the Angiens because they may be shades. This is a wonderful thought, but from the Passage of War and the Tunnel of War we know that the faceless beings are protecting Marind's Bell which the shades definitely would not do. Thus we know that the faceless beings are the Angiens (or something else completely that also defies the shades) and they definitely defend Marind's Bell - NOT the people. There is not evidence that they protect the people, only the land.

One thing I will make as a random point that I forgot to mention earlier is that Wind's Gate may actually be the right of passage to the ancient city of the Angiens. The couplet tells us "A wooden gate as old as Wind, a secret passage it may bring." It is an ancient gate constructed along with the rest of Marind's Bell with the help of the Angiens. This is seriously just a random theory though.

Now, a lot of speculation has been swirling in my head about Jack Willow. The bottom line is that I am growing more and more concrete about him being an angien and possibly the king of them. In a conversation with Aleron and Glaistig, I started wondering about the prologue where we receive the cube first. That being was faceless, but it was also completely shrowded in darkness. Glaistig suggested that it could have been willows because the shades have the power to seize control over a person. But, they want the cube back, so that one shade was dissenting. But, we see Khal every day and see nothing of his physical appearance being so drastically changed. I therefore think that the being was faceless because it already was faceless: an Angien. Additionally, from Willow's Walk we know that "Willow walks" and is therefore most certainly alive, which once again leads me to believe he is on some mission, and the angiens await his return as their king. This sort of power, I believe, would certainly give him the power to be completely covered in liquid dust (which I kind of believe to be the raw power of Necrovion or Deathmarrow) and still do his own bidding to protect the wooden box which Marind may be trapped within. **Morrel is my specialist on Marind. I do hope he posts his findings on her here, for they may be of great use if she is indeed an angien as well. And, in speaking with Morrel, we at one point made the speculation that Willow and Marind may actually be siblings. I do not remember the exact connection here though. I'm sorry, Morrel, I lost that log. Care to share it?**

This single thing ties quite directly to my next theory which comes directly from some findings by Eden. Eden realized that the picture on the front page of MD definitely sported an angelic looking faceless creature. There are two completely different paths I would like to walk here for possibilities.

1. That is an angien, or some other great being similar. A sort of divine being that is holding onto the world of MagicDuel. Thus, the world is continually bathed in sun. The shades seek to bring back the night, and Bootes, our Celestial Observer, tells me that it is difficult to watch the heavens when there is no night. Thus, a light being holding the world could definitely be a possibility.

2. I am more inclined to believe that the Angiens actually have faces, but can still be called faceless. I'll explain shortly. Point here, is that the being here is some other being and 1 is still a possibility, or it is just a cool picture that draws us to the game. Either is very possible to me.

Glaistig is the one who drove my thoughts down this path. Glaistig initially questioned why the faceless beings had to be angiens and couldn't be shades because findings elsewhere that I will not disclose at this time definitely suggest that angiens have faces. I propose a different theory. A divine being is perfect. In all their holiness, they are unblemished. What if, instead of being actually faceless, they are called faceless because they can stand resolute as statues and give away nothing. Faceless could mean they have the control to give no emotion or sign of life in their face. It could also possibly mean that they are so unblemished that it is difficult to look directly upon them. This definition of being faceless could certainly explain why there are no rumors of Willow being faceless. ^_^

As I was typing this, I had another theory about Marind that truly was almost exploding in my mind, but I would like to speak with my Marind Specialist, Morrel, first. :)

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Morrel is traveling once more to necrovion, afther seeing a dark and deep water in his wizzardsglass...

People look at him and turn their heads as he passes them.

He's talking to himself and pays no attention to them.

"There are chimes in mda land and chimes in necrovian"...Well of fortune and well of tears...!"

He reaches the howling gates, distracted he mutters a spell, and the necrovian guards let him pass without paying attention to him.

The well of tears has a strange inscription....

"Hush, little one, don't be sad"

"You drowned in the well becouse you were bad"

He sits down on a rock and starts to ponder...

Could this be where Marind was killed ? Did someone drown her in the well ?

Surely Marind wasn't bad, but in the eyes of the shades she might have been.

Good and bad depends on what side you'r on.

"I will share this findings with the The Seekers, and ask their advice" he sais.

The bones in his old body crack as he gets up from the rock and starts his yourney back.

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What I find interesting is that right now I see that there are two persons on the angien's shrine. If it is someone related to this mission I'd like to get the news, otherwise we might have to seek out these. No clue though who it might be..we could ask simplyzero.

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Morrel has something very interesting he will be posting here soon, I hope. :)

As to the people at the shrine..yes, that was Mur and myself. My theory was more or less correct. The shrine is a holy birthing ground for the angiens. Aside from this, not much was discovered. I shall continue my search. chewett, I hope you can find something. This is starting to look more like my project than ours. ^_^

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The Search For Marind.

Who is the Marind we met inside the box ?

When I met Marind in the box, she was just a child playing with imaginary people, but soon I realized she was not a "real' girl...

"...Her eyes look completely lifeless as if belonging to a porcelain doll..."

and later :

"...long time ago, my life was taken without my will... I was murdered... Please, seek out the name of the one who killed me!..."

I also remember that in time she seemed to 'grow up' over time, so that when we parted she almost was a young woman.

These things convince me that she is indeed the spirit of a murdered beeing:

What is The carnival ?

"...The Carnival is a sentient being... It has a soul of its own and it feeds with the souls of those trapped inside it...That is why you were in the Wood Room..." Said Marind.

So this carnaval is a being that 'eats' the souls of the dead.

Why does it look like a carnival, with clowns, dance and laughter?

"...'What is the Carnival?' you ask Marind. 'A dream.' Marind answers... It is not your dream. The Carnival is a dream. "

So I think the Carnival is just the way Marind sees or "dreams" the Souleater.

A carnival is something a little girl would imagine to deal with the unbearable truth. We shared her dream.

Why was Marind killed ?

The Souleater needs souls, Someone killed Marind to feed her soul to it. Her soul has much more power than those of humans. (But maybe that was not the main reason she was killed...)

But things went wrong...

Why was I in the box and who was that tall faceless creature ?

Shades tried to kill me before I entered the box.. Food for the carnival?

I remember that the faceless creature that gave me the white glowing box was protecting me from the shades attack.

I assume the schades intention was to capture my soul in a simular box, my dead body remaining on the road

The white glowing box was ment to capture souls... But instead I went in alive and well.

Perhaps the creature needed us to free Marind. Unable to enter it himself without the possibillity of getting trapped inside.

Was this creature the ghost of Jack Willow? We know he entered the house of liquid dust and never returned. Perhaps he went to find Marind's trapped soul and got hold of the box she was trapped in. While doing this he could have died, or learned the deep secrets of Necrovion...

Are Willow and Marind Angiens? Are they related ?

We spoke of the possibility that Marind might have been related to Jack Willow.


So I don't think so anymore because Willow was younger than Gabriel, and Gabriel was in love with marind,

"Jack Willow’s childhood was spent with the Aramors of the No Man’s Land. The early death of his parents left him an orphan and he considered the creatures to be his family. He was found by Jonathan Wind, Gabriel Wind’s father, and taken into their home." (Marind Bell Lore - Jack Willow, by Adi)

I suppose she could have been his lost sister, but that's a long shot...

Marind could be an Angien. Gabriel Wind befriended the angiens afther she died when he had a vision.

"...he had a vision in which Marind appeared to him... Gabriel did as he was asked and changed the plans in order to create a park...While creating the park, Wind also befriended the Angiens" (Marind Bell Lore - Gabriel Wind, by Adi)

Did they become friends becouse he did what Marind asked him ?

In that case, if she's an angien too, it would explain why Marind's soul is stronger or different than those of humans.

How did we escape ?

When I got to the carnival, the box was no longer white and glowing, it's power was gone and all that remaind was a harmless wooden box.

We escaped through The Souleater or Carnival, afther that it woke up and dissapeared. But Marind was still by my side.

'You are safe now. The Carnival is gone, at least for now. She said.

So Marind is no longer trapped. She must have used our collective power to 'break' away from the Souleater. Time is relative. we all entered at different times, but might have converged in the same moment in the cube. much like a lookinglass binds the rays of sunlight into one single spot.

Where are the body's


From Adi we know he entered the house of liquid dust and never returned. witch gives us more reason to believe the creature we met is him.

At Willows Walk we find the following:

"Willow walks although he's dead, nightly on his little lake bed"

Why is he walking on the lake bed? is he crossing the lake to be with the Angiens ?

is he also the water fairy people have seen at Angien's ferry? Or does he go to the lake to meet with her.


The well of tears has a strange inscription....

"Hush, little one, don't be sad"

"You drowned in the well becouse you were bad"

I would very much go down there and find out if she's there.

Gabriel wind:

His body hidden in a secret place (Marind Bell Lore - Gabriel Wind, by Adi)

For those who like a more dramatic theorie :

Jack willow, Gabriel wind's best friend, also fell in love with Marind, but she turned him down. in a jelous rage he killed her, threw her in the well where the shades captured her soul.

A secret never to be told...

Somehow he found out the shades had her in their power. Feeling regret for what he had done, he went into the house of liquid dust to find her soul...

Over time, sorrow and pain for what he had done turned him into a creature of darkness, the only good still in him his love for Marind...

I agree with Ren, we must find the angiens and learn from them,

Personally, I would ask them if Marind was indeed an Angien.

Much of this is based on the chapter I and II and the writings of Adi, and I tried to stay truthfull to the storyline. The rest is gueswork, untill we meet the Angiens.

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I don't think that Marind is Angien. I think she is something in between and unnatural. The shades mentioned that she is not one of them because she retains her individual memories and identities, but also spoke of the Angiens and said that we had not met them yet. I think that Marind is simply a lost soul. There is no reason she wouldn't know of Angiens (or really anything else in this land), but I don't think that she is one.

As for Willow...that's interesting.

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Since I'm a noob, I guess there is nothing much I could do, so I decided to wait at the Ferry for the Angiens to like do something... :mellow: I don't think this will make them appear though. I will wait there (logged off too) until they give me some response.

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It seems that those who seek contact with the angiens are trying a new strategie and are using the release of heat to attract the attention of the Angiens...

Bootes, SUSUKA, Reynaile, Moitano, Morann, Alkiu, Morrel and others are pouring more and more heat into the air to create a beaken of Light and Power to get the Angiens attention.

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And it worked...Suddenly in the distance light could be seen rising up from the island. Could this be contact from the Angiens? Are they tellings us they do exist and acknowledge our attempt to contact them? For now, contact has not actually been made, but now the pursuit can go on knowing that fruit is soon within grasp. :D

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Page 131 [2008-07-16 05:28:32]

The Shade Ballance - Others

Bound to worship Angiens, The Seekers of Enlightment guild has formed under leadership of *chewett* and represents Marind's Bell. Out of the ruins of the old town there is nothing to defend or to fight for, nothing else but the hope itself that the town will be what it once was. Angiens have lived for so long in Marinds Town but in times of need they did not helped anyone, The seekers believe that they will discover the secrets of the Angiens and understand more about the world. They still represent their only hope and the most decisive advantage against the constant threat of the Shades. Angiens ar dualist creatures, too complex to be understood by any normal human, but understanding them better will unfold secrets about the other parts involved in this, most of all the all feared Shades.

Hmm... Looks like the Seekers of Enlightment became a guild :D.

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tho the question arises why does time seemed to be frozen in place in MD

the symbol of the spiral slash with a x bothers me

when you start out you see the spiral first, then suddlendly it is slashed as if it was by the 'wind'

the spiral symbolizing the time or process of the world was suddlendly stop by wind the hero?

or somehow was something was sealed?

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