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I hope I am not being too much of a nuisance, but I was actually wondering how one would go about obtaining an avatar (without going through the MD shop). Also, I wanted to know how you get a tag (player role?) in the game. Once again, I appreciate any help. 


Edit: I already looked at the Player Roles section of the forum and all I saw was numerous amount of players posting their stories. Many of which had no replies to them so I was sort of confused. It would be amazing if someone could give me more in depth knowledge about it.

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24 minutes ago, Chewett said:

Hey Revan, How are you doing?

Do something, get a tag?

When you say "without going through the shop" what does that mean?

I'm fine. How about you?

Do something as in? lol 

Is there a way to get an avatar without purchasing one through the MD shop is what I mean? (o.o)

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See I got my first (for this char) tag by helping Mur organize a role he was giving out and by being associated with the Caretakers Pub which was to be affected by this new role opportunity, so by luck and perseverance with your actions in the realm something you may be doing (like bounty hunting and killing wanted players) you could gain a role within the community if that role fits well within the core concepts of MD and the players able to give out such a role like admins favor you having the role.

As far as avatars go you cannot get one without getting the option to use an avatar within the "EXTRA FEATURES" section of the shop, but you can obtain an avatar from another player for use without buying it in the "UNIQUE MD AVATARS" section of the shop.

(tis my birthday in 3 hours so im checking the forums again :cool:)

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How to get an avatar without going through the shop:


1) Draw one yourself and submit it for approval. If it's good enough, it will be accepted.

2) Commission one from our in game artists (hmm...do we still have them?).

3) Buy one from a player that sells some avatars (those are still from the shop but usually they are good quality).

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You create your own roles, mate. Do something you like, or something useful, etc, and keep at it. Eventually you will get a tag that marks the 'role' you are playing by doing those actions. Check out the Labyrinth section of the forum/announcements for an example (yes... subtle advertisement ;))

Apart from this, there are some pre-made roles too, such as Guardian of Tools, which you will learn as you explore.

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