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I guess we all know about the chimera, the 'fire-breathing female monster resembling a lion in the fore part, a goat in the middle, and a dragon behind (Iliad, vi. 179), with three heads corresponding.' What puzzled me is how it came to be. There's no way I can come up with this stuff without having some idea behind it, right? Symbols are like that. Doodles are just doodles.

Now, one theory is that the origin of the myth was the volcanic nature of the soil of Lycia (Pliny, Nat. Hist. ii. 110; Servius on Aeneid, vi. 288), where works have been found containing representations of the Chimera in the simple form of a lion. (That's not good enough for me). Another one I read some days ago is that the chimera is a symbol for the sun or the symbol of the solar yearly cycle. How? Well, apparently, the lion and the serpent/dragon are marking the beginning and the end of summer, while the goat, the winter solstice. Here's a picture (not mine):


So, what's the deal? I offer you a challenge - to look for as many mythological creatures as you can (from all cultures) and find (on the internet, or your own research, if capable) 'common' events in nature that can explain their creation. Should be fun to do -  that's something I also pursue, but very slowly.

Anyone can do it, time offered is two weeks (so the weekend after the next one is the limit) and the rewards are for the one who gets the most creatures 'deciphered'. The better way is to keep writing in a .txt file which you will upload at the end of THE time, to avoid copycats. The explanation shouldn't be exhaustive, and it should be something that to you, at least, rings true.

As for the rewards, one WP for the winner plus some creature (not a 'normal' one), that I haven't decided on yet. I must also decide if I want to reward second place (sponsorship is welcomed, btw). But the quest itself might lead you to some very interesting finds, which are reward enough, no? NO? Ok, I will provide...


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I think rewarding creatures from MD is a perfect reward for this quest, so sure thing (I have yet to decipher the meaning for a number of MD crits haha )

But, if you decide to sponsor the quest, you will also have a say in the rewarding of it (so if you decide it isn't good enough, you can retract your offer)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Results will be announced tomorrow

and that tomorrow has arrived...dst gets a WP and a shmsh fenth; I will attach the submission



I had hoped I'd learn about more mythological creatures that weren't created by personifying a natural element or by a simple association; for example, I think that the whole idea behind nymphs is not much of a riddle. If you care to debate, please write your opinion here, I'd love to be wrong. The whole idea of associating mountains, rivers, trees etc with the image of a sweet young lady, is a rather psychological issue...By comparison, the Chimera is much more complex imagery, and a difficult riddle.

From another perspective, the whole idea of creating riddles out of ordinary things that, in time, manage to give so many people the wrong ideas and act as on drugs, has a dark side. Religions often have riddles that people fail to understand, and selfish men acting as priests use them to their own benefit. Maybe simple riddles are the best...

In any case, they're magical, riddles. If you care to tap into the thought process that gave birth to them, that is. On the other hand, you could simply ignore them and live a normal happy life. Just that the call is strong.

Interesting creatures I found in the submission are: thunderbird (interesting because it seems to amass a number of peculiar characteristics , all in one), pegasus ( i should read on horse and deer mythological creatures, as there's a lot of them in various stories, but I can't find an'origin'), quetzalcoatl, xiao, hiderigami, haetae.

The thunderbird reminded me of another god I have to research on - Pan. I read somewhere that he might be a very old divinity of the forest, maybe the most important at one time. I want details!!


In any case, congratulations to dst. I am now thinking if a second place should be allowed...probably not.


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