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Shade Researchers


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The Shade Researchers, a.k.a, Khal's Klan would like an alliance. This is mainly so we can have acces to an alliance chat and talk freely of knowledge too dangerous for public talk... It would also help raise awareness we exist as hardly anyone knows we do.

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This would be for researching shades? Like a guild, the same as Seekers of Enlightenment?

If research, would you just look around ingame or try to meet the shades?

Yes, looking for the shades. Ideally we want to speak to Big.C and Shade Sentinel as a group. And anyone/anything that knows about the Kelle'tha Cannon.

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lol.. You do know that it sounds very alike to what Khalz was trying, excepting the addition of BigC and the Kelletha thing, and you've seen where he went. What's to say this time will be different?

Also, about the alter name "Khal's Klan," what is the official position towards Khalazdad? Will he be a part of any of the alliance's goals?

About this Cannon thing.. I've heard rumors, but not really that much. What is it, really?

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It is Khal's work. He asked me to take it over while his dark side learns about the shades. When he comes back he'll come over and share his new info. With his trusted ppl not you glai :rolleyes:

Don't worry, I'll tell you! :P

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@_@.. Two sides. Is he copying simply? :D

Shades are cool. I'd like researching shades. But, well.. I'm in lr. /: I've also become slightly disgusted with shades for a certain choice they made; I have to assume that represents their horrid taste.

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Well, anyone who crosses the Glaistig will get a beating within its head. I didn't say anything about him the first time because I didn't want to unnecessarily put him down, but since the person asked..

If not for his insensibility, Necro-alliance would have one very dedicated member. Now, I don't even want to join, not if he's going to stay leader. Even if the leader changes, how could I support the shades knowing what kind of person they picked to be their staunch ally?

I try to judge people based on their actions. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if his "light" side failed to revive because his will falters, or something like that.

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All lies~ Well, not really, I just didn't understand the whole first sentence.

Hehe, maybe because your not meant to? Lets get back on topic before chewett closes this down =D Anyone like Mur have an opininon???

Glai suks.

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I wouldnt say that Glaistig.

Besides, you have no way of knowing.



You have no way of knowing that I have no way of knowing. ;)

She asked and I gave my opinion. Many of my posts are what I think, not what I know. Speaking of that, I think I should put a disclaimer in my signature or something so I don't have to attach, "In my opinion..." to a lot of my posts..

Care to elaborate on why you wouldn't say that and what you would say? :D I'm particular to information about Khalz.

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