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Queen of Shoe-baaa

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Dearest Subjects

I write to you with great mirth, from the kingdom of Shoe-baa. I may be a goat in a wig, but until the actual Queen of Sheeba returns you'll have to make do with me. If you take exception to a goat in a wig, or a man in a dress, you can take that up with Chewett, as this quest is all his fault. Also, if you do take exception to either of those things you're immediately banned from the quest. I can't be wasting good sequinned dresses on grumpy prejudiced participants.

Between now and new year I will randomly be online. I will randomly put a wig on. If my wig is on, I will make demands of you.

  • If you are in attendance and bow to the Queen, you get one point (only 1 per instance of the Queen appearing, you won't get multiple points for multiple bows).
  • If you take part in a royal demand, you get one point.
  • If, as part of the demand, you come 1st you get 3 points, 2nd 2 and 3rd 1. Unfortunately the decision on these MAY be subjective due to the low playerbase at the moment. However, if anyone wishes to play the part of an honorable scribe and help me with this, please contact me. In festive spirit, I shall reward you 5 silver coins for your services to the Queen. Ungod has added to the scribe's fee, and so if a scribe comes forwards they will now earn 10SC & a mirror rit stone.
  • If you bow to Z and he is not wearing the wig (ie: he is not the Queen) then you lose a point. This includes points at which he may remove the wig to scratch his head, so pay attention before you bow, or check with others who have been there longer then you.
  • If you call Z (ie: no wig) the Queen of Shoe-baa you lose a point.
  • If you call the Queen of Shoe-baa the Queen of Sheeba you lose a point.
  • If, when addressing the Queen, you fail to address her as either 'your honorable majesty' or 'Queen of Shoe-baa'....you lose a point - every time. That includes responding to her.

Demands will vary considerably.

My initial demand is for you to make a snowman out of paper. His/her face/arms/hat etc can be made from anything you like, but the 'snow' should be paper. You will get 5 points for taking part. An additional 5 points will be given if you put your snowman into a diarama you made yourself OR create a 3 panel story using your snowman and some action figures and a series of pictures. There will then also be the 3,2,1 points as described in the bullets above. Pictures should be posted on this thread - include your playername in handwriting within the image.

Any questions either post here or PM me.


Z/Goat in a wig.


1 x WP from Chew

1 x WP from me

1 x GC from Blackshade

Possibly gold coins, silver coins and creatures/totems depending on participation.



Dst 5

20/12/17 - 1 Bow Point, 1 participation point, 3 task points

Mallos 0

20/12/17 - 1 Bow Point, -1point for incorrect address

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